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Not too long ago, I got snubbed by a Malay RC hobbyist for running my EP BSD Racing Land Ripper at the Segar Track.

Now, the situation has taken a total turnaround, where Nitro RC is NOT ALLOWED at the Segar Road RC Track.

No More Noise Complaints at Segar Road RC Track?

No More Noise Complaints at Segar Road RC Track? Check out the video here:

Bloody hell. That’s a bloody havoc of EP cars.

Why did this happen? Noise pollution complaints of course. The overhead expressways that form good shelter for the weekend warriors and weekday enthusiasts also double as sound-bouncing panels that resonate the engine sounds into the nearby resident void decks.

Segar Road RC Track Nitro Race Day

Segar Road RC Track Nitro Race Day

This must have been the doing of those idiots who don’t know their place to run 1/5 scalars like the FGs and the Baja buggies. Inconsiderate assholes.

At any rate.. this ban is NOT going to stop me from running my 4 nitro vehicles there. In fact, as of this weekend, I’ll be a “resident” just across from the track. I ought to have my rights too. Even though I own 2 electric cars, I’m not going to be so nice about the rule.

Listen good here…. I’m gonna RUN THEM THERE ANYWAY. If anyone’s going to stop me, they’ll have to call in the police.


Other than that, rule-abiding wusses can go to to check for updates on the progress of lifting of the ban, and new potential nitro tracks in the area.