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I just busted a Sanwa Servo Yesterday. Gears stripped. I heard that I could simply replace the stripped gears in the servo, and it’d have a new lease of life. The previous owner spent alot on them back then, and hence it’d be a very worthwhile few-dollar repair. When checking out repair videos, I came across this cool video which I thought I’d share.

Http:// Here is the Bluebird high torque steering servo for 1/8 buggies. Bluebird electronics specially designed this servo for the racer in mind. It is built to withstand the heat build-up from high-speed off-road buggy racing. You are less likely to fry this servo from overheating. I got mine from

Comes with a set of screws, shims, and servo horns

Servo specs: This is a dual-bearing metal gear servo. It contains a heatsink middle case. This servo runs on a 3-pole carbon brush motor. This servo produces 142 oz, or 10.2 kg of torque when powered by a 6V receiver pack.

This is a good replacement for stock Redcat, BSD and HSP steering servos, producing considerable torque at good speed. Even Hpi Savage X owners will benefit from this as stock HPI SF-1 servos produce measly 6kg torque at 0.17s.

The Bluebird BMS-616MG+HS servo is available at: