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If like me, you were wondering why PAP’s Steve Tan pulled out just days away from Singapore’s General Elections 2011, you would have felt that today’s Straits’ Times article on the surprise withdrawal hardly shed very little light on the matter, leaving the reader no wiser of Tan’s “personal reasons” for the pull out. Probably careful of evoking the ruling party’s ire upon her career, the reporting journalist minced words and waxed very lousy lyrics about the case surrounding the promising 38 year old leader from NTUC.

While critics dismiss the news of Steve Tan’s pull out as a staged act by the PAP to roll out a more experienced candidate, I for one, am more interested in the scandal and reality behind the smokescreen of rumors and half-truths.

The closest find I made was this extract from a series of Facebook comments on one of his profile photos, which has since been deleted:

“it was the marketing department of the admin and research unit of NTUC umbrella union. he was there in ’05 as deputy director or something, a rising star so to speak, “young and talented, up and coming”… yada yada yada.

Let me just cut to the chase: there were no less than 2 girls who worked there the same time i did who told me of their sexual harassment experience with this guy. and as far as i know it went unreported, undisclosed.. and there were many others who also knew of it. but it seems not enough people stood up for themselves or for the others to make it known.”

An entanglement like this will well weaken Tan’s political stance, as well taint his represented party’s credibility.

You may follow the forum discussions on PAP’s Steve Tan’s reasons for pull out here: Here is the hotly-discussed GE 2011 PAP Manifesto video. The original video uploaded by the PAP gathered 600 Youtube “dislikes” and only 5 “likes” shortly after it’s posting. It back-fired so terribly that the moderators had the video ratings and comments removed.

The 2011 Singapore GE will be in the year of change. I’m very keen to see what the results will be. While I do think that PAP will reign, I do foresee PAP losing more than a handful of seats this year. While the opposition parties still have much to learn and structure to build, they will benefit from a growing dissent among Singapore’s vocal, educated and savvy Gen X and Gen Y camps who have for too long kept mum against their governing “fathers”. Even voting the opposition may not offer security, at least there is hope for change.

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