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Youtube User “Fidas2” of Portugal totally pimped out his Mini-Z racer with the following parts list:

– Custom diff made front ball diff with 36 teeth spur

– 30 teeth pinion (also custom)

– Motor: stock PN Anima II

– Mr02 PCB with 2+2 stack (not enough because it blew in this pull). Next try will be 4+4.

– 4 NiMh AAA 900 mAh batts.

– Atomic RM motor mount.

– ball bearings of course.

– Modified Tamiya speed checker, with Venon Speed meter.

The result was a top speed of 135km/h. Check out the Youtube video here:

Subsequently, the same hobbyist made another video, and this time with a perfectly balanced rear axle, light weight wheels and tires, custom  motor, new FETs and 4xAAA powerfull TRP 900 mAh batteries. This time, he hit 174km/h on the Tamiya Mini 4WD Speed Checker.

This is both rather phenomenal considering it’s small size. While Fidas2 failed to beat the fastest known TC4 out there, which did 196km/h on actual asphalt, not a similar speed dyno.

Another consideration is that the Tamiya Speed Checker had little or no rolling resistance. If there was, we cannot ascertain if the user had programmed a RR constant in for the testing. Visually, it seems that it merely measured the speed of the wheels, which, when positioned on a hard surface, could manifest as a significantly lower top speed.

However, I’m still keen to know, what if they substituted the 4×1.2v Nimh batteries with 4×1.5V Alkaline cells or 2S Lipo 7.4V pack, what would the result be?

– Julian Wong,