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via ASK Cub Reporter- 07.07.2011- Your Questions, My Drivel « Big Squid RC.

Tamiya may have been behind some paramount RC developments and innovations through the years, but what I can’t stand about Tamiya is that they are just too terribly OVER-PRICED!

Do a simple browse on Tower Hobbies or any popular hobby shop, and you’ll find that they still sell last decades’ goods… like your Clodbusters, TT01s, DF03s, Hornets, etc at prices only MORONS will pay for.

Why pay for a Tamiya brushed antique (that is still is in production) when you can get the latest brushless offering from most other brands – even Kyosho, out there?

I read with great interest when BigSquidRC’s Cub Reporter responded to a reader’s query with very apt disdain toward the brand that has rested on its laurels way too loooooonnnnnggggggg. Enjoy!



Dear Cub Reporter
Why do I never see any Tamiya product on Bigsquid? Like your site but would like to see more Tamiya on it.
Shaun H.
Asheville, North Carolina

Cubby– Hey what’s up Shaun?

So… why don’t we have more Tamiya on our site? Easy- they have zero working relationship with us. We rarely get press releases from them, nor do they send us anything to test, therefore Tamiya has virtually no presence on our site. Arguably, Tamiyas product is targeted right at our core readers, making it all the more baffling to me why they chose not to have some sort of relationship with us.

Worldwide Tamiya is still a tour de force, and in certain regions of America they are still huge. Currently their product line focuses more on the past than the present or future, which is fine as it’s quite obvious Tamiya is still a huge company, but it makes me wonder how much money they are leaving on the table by not putting out more new product. I also wonder how much market share they are losing by not being more of a presence on internet sites like BSRC.

So when might you see more Tamiya on BSRC? We’ve tried our best to work with them to no avail. Looks like it’s in our readers hands now, if you want to see more Tamiya here, shoot’em an email and let them know what’s up.