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I just bought this. Comes with a really fast and responsive steering servo. Great shock setting even as stock. Motor + ESC is responsive but a little slow. Yet, I think it’s meant for stock-class racing. If there’s a mod class, perhaps you could dump a different motor and esc in. I.E. the XeRun SC10 + Hobbywing 3674 size motor, or for those with more to spend, a Novak Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System.

As stock, it’s got no lack of torque, as I can even push my baby girl in her stroller around with this, but not enough acceleration or top end speed to get over intermittent jumps. Overall, a very good racer. Excellent steering geometry and suspension geometry. Battery pack position can be easily modified to improve the car’s balance on jumps. Composite chassis is hard as nails and wouldn’t even land a scratch after much kerbside bashing.

Here’s the Kyosho Ultima DB product video. Everyone loves the bikini babe in it.

A further note… I wonder why they call this 1/8 though. It’s the same frame as an SC truck, same tyres as an SC truck. To begin with, an SC truck is a 1/8 length and track. Team Losi Racing (TLR) calls their XXX SCB a 1/10. But that’s the same dimensions as this, in fact 4 cm longer! I hope I won’t be barred from running this at the Bottle Tree Park 1/10 Electrics Offroad Track.

Here’s the original video text:

the Kyosho Ultima DB brings scale back to electric racing in the form of a modern off-road desert racing buggy. it’s large 1/8-scale size comes from the Short Course platform of the Ultima SC, but it’s not just the same truck with a new body. The Ultima DB features a very scale body with a rugged and functional roll cage. The cage attaches to the chassis at six points and withstands very strong impacts without body damage. The solid roof panel is and roll cage are made from a very durably molded composite that will endure much more punishment than an standard body. It also features a rear motor and transmission guard to protect against rear impacts.

The Ultima DB comes completely factory assembled – even the body is trimmed, assembled and the decals are applied. You simply need to install a Ni-MH or Li-Po battery of your choice, attach the body, and you’re ready to run. In spite of all it’s user-friendliness, the Ultima DB is a current design that has the benefit of the World’s most experienced RC racing engineers. The Ultima RB5 and RT5 are at the core of the Ultima DB, which means it not only looks great, it’s shares the same DNA as the race-bred vehicles upon which its based.

Sharing many of the same parts as the Ultima SC, the DB can use most of the replacement parts from the Ultima SC, and its relation with the RB5 and RT5 means that most of the optional high-performance parts are ready to be installed.

The Ultima SC is already on its way to proving that it’s the best performing short-course truck on the market, with commanding wins at the 2010 Silver State at the hands of Joe Pillars, and recently the 2010 Cactus Classic, piloted by Mark Pavidis. All of the performance of the SC is preserved in the Ultima DB, and it’s got the added benefit of a modern, scale desert racing buggy body. There’s simply no better value and performance that you can find in one package.

Side by side comparison of the Losi XXX and the new TLR22

Side by side comparison of the Losi XXX and the new TLR22 – Selling at US$269.99

Horizon Hobby of Southern California acquired Team Losi Racing in 2001, and have exclusive label rights. – Selling at US$269.99

Speedtech is also offering an extra set of front and rear tires for FREE. You get to choose the type of tires you want on checkout. – Selling at US$269.99

A-main Hobbies has a reputation for serving the serious RC enthusiast. They stock top kit and race roller editions by the various makes.

Speculation has it that Horizon Hobby has put stringent price controls on the Losi brand. You may have some luck finding a good deal on Ebay, but otherwise I think SpeedTech packs the best offer on this one. The SpeedTech admin comments on RCTech that everyone is given the same Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), but they’re the only ones throwing in extras at the moment, so you have one less thing to shop for.

Do drop a comment if you found the TLR22 going for cheap. We’re out to air the lowest price for this winning design!

Team Losi Racing's Totally New TLR22 2wd Race-Ready Buggy

Team Losi Racing's Totally New TLR22 2wd Race-Ready Buggy

The Latest on my RC Wishlist…. The TLR22. This replaces the XX, XXX buggies by TLR, and draws inspiration from the RC8. Mom would flip with the addition of yet another box in the hallway. Looks like I’ll have to wait till July when I get keys to my new home. This will be something to kick ass at the Lor Chencharu Bottle Tree Park 1/10 off road race track.

Check out this video intro by Horizon Hobby. It’s the most informative introduction I’ve found as yet.

Team Losi Racing is back in the 1/10-scale electric game with a vengeance with the debut of their new 2WD buggy. Dubbed the 22, it marks a totally new direction in terms of design, features, tuning, materials and more from previous designs. Perhaps the most innovative new feature on this new platform is the ability to reconfigure it from a traditional rear motor configuration to a mid-motor configuration, totally altering how the car handles and jumps.

The best part is, you’ll be able to make the switch without having to purchase any additional components. It’s quite literally like having two different vehicles in one box. The 22 has a number of other outstanding and innovative features that, while unavailable or expensive options on other chassis, come as standard equipment on the 22. All-new top-filled shocks grace the four corners of the 22 and have been modeled after the ones found on the larger 8IGHT 2.0 Race Roller. Their larger 12mm diameter and thick, titanium-nitride-coated shock shafts provide the 22 with a plush suspension that is incredibly smooth.

Speaking of titanium nitride all the hinge pins feature the gold sheen that it is noted for. The 22 also omits a traditional bellcrank system, instead opting for a unique slider rack that has nearly friction-free operation. And a car is nothing without a sturdy backbone and the 22 has just that thanks to the 2.5mm thick precision-machined 7075-T6 aluminum chassis plate. That’s right, I said aluminum.

Come along with us as we share the details with you on what is sure to be the pinnacle of 1/10-scale buggy performance in the Team Losi Racing 22.

I’ll be posting soon the lowest prices on the TLR22 after I do some scouring on the net. Do check back on