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I equipped my new R603FS receiver on my MP9 TKI and with my new 3PKS FASST transmitter I took the car out for the maiden track run with the new electronics. Great run, but at the end I was shocked to realize the antenna was gone! Probably came loose and got ripped off by the spinning wheels cos it’s so long!

First thoughts… “F*#$! Do I have to buy a new one for $75 already?” “Sure, there’s also an internal antenna, but it ain’t going to be as good”.

Later I walked round the track and found the antenna, but it was stripped of it’s socket (still in the RX). I eventually prised the receiver case open, un popped the socket or plug adapter (which look similar to the ones used in the Apple Iphones if you ever took them apart before), inserted the correct end of the coaxial antenna cable in and used a crimper to secure it. Works for now. I do find the external antenna gives better servo response.

BUT, just in case you face the same problem, you don’t have to

  1. Buy a new receiver ($75-80)
  2. Send your receiver back to Futaba for repair ($7 postage)
  3. Pay a hobby shop to repair your RX ($15-20 for labor)
  4. Buy a new Futaba coaxial antenna ($9)

CHEAP, and equally good solution is HERE. Exact same plugs. Same length. Just pop in and RACE AWAY! The compatible FrSky Receiver antenna available at Only $0.66, and if you remain on the product’s page long enough, you’ll get a pop-up advertising the item at $0.57.

Cheers and do thank me for the tip! Happy racing or bashing.



I may get this instead as I can buy it for the same money as the 4PL, except that the 3PKS has FASST, which is what the top racers use.

Still prefer Futaba over Sanwa and Spektrum

Hi Everyone, it’s been awhile!

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey! Happy New Year 2012 everyone. It’s been awhile since I last posted. It’s interesting that even in this long absence, my blog readership has been getting better and better.

I’m having a little more time on my hands now, and I will be back to regular posting.

Thanks for staying tuned!

Julian Wong

Used Traxxas Revo for Sale

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Used Traxxas Revo for Sale

Roller- without engine, optidrive module, push rods n other bits. What you see is what you get. Letting go $140.

Total irony to the norm when Electric and Nitro RC hobbyists each kept to their own side and scale of turf. Today I saw Hpi Blitzes, Team Associated SC10s and some unidentifiable 1/10 scale 4wd buggy on the 1/8 Nitro buggy course at Segar Road.

I might seek some MP’s help on this… Now that I’m a resident there.

I just heard Miss Singapore Universe winner, Valerie Lim on Radio91.3’s “Married Men” show. Upon her uttering her first words, Dad and I unanimously said “TRANNY!”

If you fancy seeing comic-type girls in bras and panties, “Top Girl” game app is the one for you. It’s FREE, plus if you’re on Skout, you get points for this too!

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Latest Trinity Lipo Warmer? Never, ever, mess with Lipo Batteries unless you want this to happen:

Not cool! Weren’t you told about keeping your packs to a good temperature? Lipo packs, are the most likely of all batteries to spontaneously combust or degrade when improperly used. What on earth was Trinity thinking when they released their “Lipo Warmer”?

Trinity Lipo Warmer

Trinity Lipo Warmer

BigsquidRC’s Cub Reporter had this to comment:

Wow, even I didn’t think Trinity was going to catch the backlash that they are with their Li-po warmer. That thing might not (read- should not) make it to dealer shelves. Who was the brain surgeon that put the warm-up temp at 140 degrees? Achtung- you really want to avoid 140 or greater temps with lithium based batteries. Yet, they are making a device that purposely warms them to a borderline temp? I don’t think even Johnnie Cochran would take the defense on this one. Oh have the mighty have fallen, just how much lower can they go?

Btw, there is only two ways of stopping all this bulls**t Li-po warming, bumping, tap-shorting, ect. Eliminate the need for trying to enhance the output of these cells. How do you do that? First, eliminate cell count limits, ie- make 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S LEGAL. Secondly, eliminate all this spec motor bulls**t. If open Kv motors are run, there is No Need to warm/bump/tap Li-po batteries. So if you are a sanctioning body, and you have some stupid 2S cell count limit and .5 turn spec rules, YOU are the ones to blame for all the dangerous crap racers are doing to their Li-po’s. Step up to the plate, make the smart choice and change the rules before somebody’s track gets burnt to the ground (maybe with some of your “members” inside of it). After changing all the connectors in my starter box to withstand the discharge rate of Lipo batteries, the engine break-in process for my Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI with SH 28. PT 28 XM1-P8 engine was back underway.

This engine has a top rev band of 38,000 rpm. You can really hear the difference from stock 28,000rpm engines as it hits all the high notes.

Due to the rich oil setting, it sure takes a while to get moving. But once it does… it’s bloody fast.