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If like me, you were wondering why PAP’s Steve Tan pulled out just days away from Singapore’s General Elections 2011, you would have felt that today’s Straits’ Times article on the surprise withdrawal hardly shed very little light on the matter, leaving the reader no wiser of Tan’s “personal reasons” for the pull out. Probably careful of evoking the ruling party’s ire upon her career, the reporting journalist minced words and waxed very lousy lyrics about the case surrounding the promising 38 year old leader from NTUC.

While critics dismiss the news of Steve Tan’s pull out as a staged act by the PAP to roll out a more experienced candidate, I for one, am more interested in the scandal and reality behind the smokescreen of rumors and half-truths.

The closest find I made was this extract from a series of Facebook comments on one of his profile photos, which has since been deleted:

“it was the marketing department of the admin and research unit of NTUC umbrella union. he was there in ’05 as deputy director or something, a rising star so to speak, “young and talented, up and coming”… yada yada yada.

Let me just cut to the chase: there were no less than 2 girls who worked there the same time i did who told me of their sexual harassment experience with this guy. and as far as i know it went unreported, undisclosed.. and there were many others who also knew of it. but it seems not enough people stood up for themselves or for the others to make it known.”

An entanglement like this will well weaken Tan’s political stance, as well taint his represented party’s credibility.

You may follow the forum discussions on PAP’s Steve Tan’s reasons for pull out here:

Advertisements Here is the hotly-discussed GE 2011 PAP Manifesto video. The original video uploaded by the PAP gathered 600 Youtube “dislikes” and only 5 “likes” shortly after it’s posting. It back-fired so terribly that the moderators had the video ratings and comments removed.

The 2011 Singapore GE will be in the year of change. I’m very keen to see what the results will be. While I do think that PAP will reign, I do foresee PAP losing more than a handful of seats this year. While the opposition parties still have much to learn and structure to build, they will benefit from a growing dissent among Singapore’s vocal, educated and savvy Gen X and Gen Y camps who have for too long kept mum against their governing “fathers”. Even voting the opposition may not offer security, at least there is hope for change.

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via Japan Got Earthquake, Quick Book Your CNA Commercial Slots Now!

Singapore media giant conglomorate, Mediacorp Singapore roused the furor of Singaporean netizens and observers after a badly-phrased EDM got around it’s pool of regular and prospective advertisers.

The electronic digital mailer (EDM), directed at advertisers, boldly canvassed advertising slots in the face of high anticipated viewership of TV programming concerning the impending Japan national disaster, said to be the worst since World War 2.

Below is an un-tampered screenshot of the email in question:

Singapore Media Giant Exploits Japan Tragedy For Advertisement Slot Roll-Out
Singapore Media Giant Exploits Japan Tragedy For Advertisement Slot Roll-Out

What was described to be most perturbing about the email was it’s call for action, “Call our sales representatives now”, in bold text. Netizens lambasted it as “highly thoughtless and crass”. The email became a matter of public knowledge after being leaked out and pinned on popular national satire blog,

The regional media giant has since issued a public apology as follows:


Singapore, 12 March 2011 – Netizens have criticized an electronic direct mail (edm) sent by MediaCorp Marketing Communications canvassing for advertisements on Channel NewsAsia, shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan yesterday.

In a statement, Mr Edwin Koh, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Sales Planning, MediaCorp clarified that the edm was sent to a targeted group of clients and agencies that had interest in being part of “breaking news” coverage.

Added Mr Koh, “We apologize unreservedly if we had been seen to be insensitive to the gravity of the situation. The staff concerned has been counseled to be more circumspect; we hope the public will be forgiving and we can focus our attention and efforts on the affected victims of this most unfortunate tragedy.”

While the EDM may have held status quo with regard to events like the World Cup, issues of this magnitude cannot be taken in jest. Public TV operators need to be more responsible and pro-active in mapping out their guidelines of proper conduct.

– Julian Wong
for Http:// My ex-college-mate Jeremy Khoo, “MisterJerek” on,  called me this morning to tell me about his recent music production endeavor, a remake on the Dick Lee’s hit national song, “Home”, involving 9 other Singaporean Youtubers. After checking out this video, I was really impressed by his efforts in coordinating and producing this video, that I thought I’d share it with viewers of my site and their friends. This was all remotely recorded by the respective Youtubers, put together by Jeremy, and uploaded just 17 hours ago.

Previously, Jeremy also performed at my wedding.

Do have a look and comment on it by clicking the video image after you’re done watching:

(Quoted from “MisterJerek”s video details) Home is a song written by Singaporean composer Dick Lee.

Dick Lee together with Dr Sydney Tan, Nexus (Organizer) and the other producers posted their official remake featuring 39 local artistes and asked Singaporeans to do their own versions and upload it on youtube.

Do check out all the artistes featured on this video…..
We are all Singaporean and we love our country.

You can also click on their links on the videos or check out their links below. (WEISHENG) (AUDREY) (DARYL) (CHRISTINA) (SARAH) (ACE) (WILLIS) (MELISSA) (DEENISE) (JEREMY)

Composer: Dick Lee

Featured artistes and Choir: Weisheng, Audrey, Daryl, Christina, Sarah, Ace, Willis, Mellisa, Jeremy, Deenise

This Arrangement, Backup Vocals and Piano: Jeremy Khoo

you can contact me here on youtube at

I’ll soon be able to record my RC practices, stunts and time trials! No longer will I have to wait ages for someone to be on hand to help with video-recording… Especially, I don’t have to count on kids (and their mostly-lousy filming skills). Soon, you’ll be able to see what I see, over and over again!

Voyeur Spy Sunglasses With DVR Camera Recording Function

Voyeur Spy Sunglasses With DVR Camera Recording Function

Hmm… Well I suppose there are other voyeur uses of this… I’m just building a mental list of possibilities, which aren’t new, and and have been done by others. Some may want these for:

  • Upskirt photography
  • Video tours of restricted areas, i.e. Casinos
  • Video tours of the red light district
  • Video tours of strip clubs and brothels in the red light district
  • Video tours of “4 Floors of Whores”, a.k.a. Orchard Towers
  • Recording of “Couple Squabbles”
  • Recording of people behaving badly
  • Building their own sex-tape
  • Recording a driver’s view of racing round a life-size race track
  • Stealth recording of a special person of interest
  • Sports recording
  • Stalking a subject
  • etc…

The list could go on forever.. Anyway… mine should be here in 2 weeks. You know what? Just after ordering, I found a supplier that could deal them to me at a great price… I might start selling them too if mine turns out to be a lot of fun, and easy to use.


Do you want record what are you doing in your ordinary life and upload on YouTube show them to others? Now , anytime! anywhere! you will not miss any action video as you want recording.. this sunglasses camcorder comes with built-in rechargeable battery so there’s no long cord for you to hide. So it is very convenient to operate . And only two keys control very easy to use. Also the camera can stamp with real time during recording , Specially designed for Low enforcement agencies for their hidden investigation

  • sunglass handfree camera pinhole lens dvr pinhole camera sunglass pinhole covert camera hidden camera surveillance  covert DVR covert camera   Features:
    • Quality Polaroid lens from brand makers
    • 1.3-megapixel pinhole color camera for clear digital recording
    • User-friendly operating button for easy control
    • With extended memory slot for TF/microSD card (insert your own up to 8GB card)
    • Easy connection with PC/laptops, no driver need
    • Sleek and elegant design suits for both men and women use
    • Real-time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life
    • Must equipment highly recommended for journalists, traffic police, traveler and students and so on
  • Power supply: built-in 550mAh lithium battery
  • Speed:
    • Read: >700Kbps
    • Write: >500Kbps
  • Power duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Power adapter: 5V DC/500mAh
  • Interior memory: no
  • Supports TF/microSD card: 8GB
  • Camera hardware resolution: 1.3 megapixels
  • Resolution:640 x 480 pixels
  • Playing speed: 30fps
  • Photo: 1,280 x 960 pixels
  • USB interface: 2.0
  • Audio stereo
  • Power consumption: <0.4W

    Video format: AVI

  • Video format: 3GP
  • Card slot: TF/microSD card
  • Weight: 39g with battery
  • Working temperature: 0 to 60 degree Celsius
  • Storage computer: -20 to 80 degree Celsius
  • Player: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Storm Player and so on
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, Vista
  • Product size: 170 x 160 x 40mm
  • Physical weight: 39g
  • Ready for some fireworks? We took this video at night at a seafood restaurant by the beach. Watch as I zap out mosquitos with random swings of the electric fly swatter. The high voltage kills them on impact and send them falling to the ground… or the dining table if you’re unlucky with a draft of in-blowing wind.

    RC Car Tips, Modifications and Reviews at my RC Blog… Are you sick of mozzies and flies bothering you while you eat or play? Introducing the High Voltage Electric Fly Swatter! I just got one of these as a gift from a wife’s friend who incidentally manufactures them. With an Electric Fly Swatter, having flying insects around now becomes a fun affair! Weighing the same as a tennis racquet, and a little more than a Nintendo Wii controller, now you can burn calories practice being Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, and swash-buckle bothersome insects at the same time!

    In this video, I didn’t have the benefit of time to await flying ants or butterflies, so I found this fly on the ground, as well as a beetle. The beetle sure made some fireworks…

    For RC Tips, Articles, Reviews, Random Unrelated Rants and more… Visit my RC Blog at Hey folks! Another jailbreak video from me for the Iphone 4 and 3GS running 4.2.1. Work your IPhone to its fullest capabilities with open source and great bolt-on apps from the Iphone Dev Team community.

    The files you need for GreenPoison RC5 can be found at (download links):

    For Mac OSX-

    For Windows-

    For Linux-

    I started my phone in DFU mode which I felt made things a lot smoother and quicker. To get into DFU, you’ll have to:

    1) Press the power button for 5 seconds

    2) While still holding down the power button, press the home button as well, for 10 seconds

    3) While still holding down the home button, release the power button. Continue to hold home button for 10 seconds.

    4) If done correctly, screen should remain off.

    Connect your Iphone via USB. Run the software. Follow as per my video.

    The whole process took me 6 and a half minutes. I cut out the dull waits in post-editing to give you a cleaner, less boring video.

    This jailbreak will work if you have been previously relying on a RedSnow 9.6rc7. Does not fuck up your Cydia and Install0us installations. However, if you’re using an Ultrasn0w carrier unlock, stay away for now.

    Other than that, have fun with your Greenpoison RC5 Jailbreak!

    For RC Tips, Optional Parts and Upgrades, the Latest RC Reviews, and some rambles on my own RC experiences, and occasionally, Iphone Jailbreaking, do check out my blog at

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    Http:// Turnigy charger poor Chinese English proof-reading “this charger may emit beat during discharging process” and “Operate the charger in well cooling and ventilated place”.

    Turnigy Chargers come with HobbyKing XT60 connectors

    Purchase 4mm banana plugs with the charging leads of your choice for use with the Turnigy chargers from HobbyKing.

    Turnigy 200 Watts Lipo 10 Amps Charger

    Http:// I just took delivery of the Turnigy 200 Watts Lipo 10 Amps Charger. I actually traded my GT RC A6-D for this as I was seeking to charge my Lipo packs at 10A, or 2C of my 5000 mah packs. I also purchased a balance card that’ll allow me to charge and balance 2 2 or 3 cell packs simultaneously. However, do note that ALL Turnigy chargers come with XT60 leads. It turns out that HobbyKing, the sole distributor of Turnigy, is vehemently against the “over-priced Deans connectors” and even made their proprietary XT60 connector type available for all to make without any licensing required. According to the HobbyKing website, the XT60 connectors have a superior contact area and the ability to carry a greater current load. If you’re using Deans or Traxxas connectors, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this value-for-money, feature-packed charger. All you need to do is buy a 4mm Banana connector with Deans or any charge leads that you need for your Lipo packs. While I’ll be getting that for my existing packs, I’ve also ordered XT60 connectors, and 4mm heat shrink tubing – which I’ll be using to switch my existing RC Car n battery connectors.

    Picture 69, Photo Gallery – Draganflyer X6 – UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform.


    The DraganFlyer X6, UAV Helicopter Aerial Surveillance Device - with DSLR camera!


    This is uber cool ain’t it? Not the price though. At US$19995, this sure is too tall a price for a remote controlled voyeur cam. In fact, it’s a lot more than that. This is the DraganFlyer X6 – the latest UAV Helicopter Aerial Video Platform from the folks at

    The foldable (can be compacted down to fit into a tube!) 3-rotored, metre-long helicopter is as able as scale-sized UAVs, with 3 Out-runner brushless motors powered by 4s Lipos delivering a whopping 14.8v of power to the minute 1 kilo machine – kept so light only because of its complete precision-engineered Carbon Fibre construction, for weight savings and durability. While its complex network of 11 onboard-sensors make way for easy flight control even by amateurs, the DraganFly X6 comes ready with GPS capabilities and can be programmed to fly along a mapped route. Communications gear includes a unique-band 2.4Ghz transmitter/receiver, and 5.8Ghz video uplink feed.


    Buyers of the DraganFly X6 may select the factory-equipped camera from a series of options, with capabilities ranging from 10.1 MegaPixel DSLR still shots, to HD-recording, Low-light recording, to even Night Thermal Imaging!

    If $19995 isn’t too steep for you, by all means get one… and send me some pictures! This definitely takes top spot on my gadget wish list!