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– Julian Wong

If you’re looking out for suspension mods for your HPI Savage X, and opt for other options than the HPI Savage X Big Bore Shocks, some of the immediate options that you’d look out for would be “Piggy-Back Shocks” by Integy or Thunder Tiger. If you you’d like to know what Piggy-Back Shocks are, and look like, have a look at these pictures.

HPI Savage X Modifications : Big Bore Shocks

HPI Savage X Modifications : Big Bore Shocks - I use them on my HPI Savage X, and find them great. The shock casing is very bash resistant. I've had several bad crashes but have yet to dent these.. unlike shocks I've had on other cars from other makes, i.e. Kyosho. Also, I find the shock pistons very easy to replace. I've since replaced both of my front titanium-nitride coated pistons.

HPI Savage X Modifications : Piggy Back Shocks

HPI Savage X Modifications : Piggy Back Shocks

“They look very cool!” you must be thinking… However, there has been nothing but negative talk on the use of piggy-back shocks in RC. (click to read) and (click to read) discussions on piggy-back shocks conclude that while the “piggy-back” shock oil reservoirs hold extra oil to keep shock oil temperatures down in full-size vehicles, the shocks in RC models sized at 1/10, 1/8 and even 1/5 don’t even come nearly as hot to benefit from the piggy-back reservoirs. There is NO performance benefit. Various users have even described the Integy-made Piggy-Back shocks for the Savage X as a “load of crap” and a “waste of time”. As such, they seem to be just added weight, and additional items to replace after a bad crash.

What’s left then? Well… there is a growing number of Savage X enthusiasts who recommend LST Shocks from the Team LOSI LST 1/8 XXL Monster Truck. If size is a factor, these shocks are sure to put a stop to any second thoughts. They are HUGE! Just to refill a set of 4 shocks would take two WHOLE bottles of shock oil. Take a look…

LST Shocks Conversion on HPI Savage X

LST Shocks Conversion on HPI Savage X

Apparently, they offer great shock dampening, and are even more responsive than those on the Traxxas Revo 3.3 – which is not surprising as the LST is a much larger truck. Choose your springs wisely though., or you may lose the ability to wheelie.

To fit these HUGE shocks on your Savage X, you’ll need a shock mount conversion kit. Some of the popular ones are from Fast Lane Machine or FLM for short (, and Innovative-RC ( Be sure to check those out. While the kits aren’t expensive at all.. just remember one common concept.. “The Bigger they are, the Harder they Fall”, on your pocket, in this case..

I’m going to leave you with a video on Savage X Mods and Reinforcements.. This Savage X enthusiast did the LST Suspension conversion, improvised base-plate protector, suspension arm shaft protectors, and a strong alloy bumper support.

– Julian Wong



One of the greatest joys in RC racing and bashing is knowing that you have THE most “Bad-ass”, “Pimped out” ride there is. This ain’t my HPI Savage X 4.6. I could only wish that this was available at the time I was shopping about. What you’d be looking at in the following pictures could be the most highly-modded Savage X 4.6 you’d ever see. This has got so much after-market parts on this that it makes the Savage X SS look like a toy. It’s a TANK! Best part, it’s mint condition. “Has never seen fuel” as the owner says.

The owner is looking to let go for $900, or to trade for a good electric 1/8 buggy. Find out more by viewing the thread on, at the following link:


Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade



Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade



Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade





Kick-Ass Highly-Modded HPI Savage X For Sale or Trade


Here is a list of all the mods on it:

HPI F4.6 Engine with Pullstart

JRZ9000S Steering Servo

JRZ590M Throttle Servo

1/8th Scale Throttle Mod

HPI Tuned Pipe

HPI CVD’s all around with 17mm Hexes

HPI Aluminum Shocks with Piggybacks

HPI Hardened Diff Outdrives

HPI Dual Disk Brakes

RDLogic Aluminum Fuel Tank

6mm Chassis Plates

HD Aluminum Shock Towers

Aluminum Hub Carriers and Steering Blocks(front and rear)

Integy Engine Heatsink Plate

Carbon Fiber Body Posts

Aluminum Fuel Tank Mounts

Stainless Steel Screws

Steering Rack Bearing Upgrade

Integy HD Engine Mount

Integy Lower Chassis Plate Supports

Savage XL Steel Spur Gear

Axial Oversized Beadlock Black Chrome Rims

Proline Big Joes 40 Series Tires

via Highly Modded Savage X – R/C Tech Forums.

I’m Julian Wong, The Professional Bum, 26 and a month ago, the child in me urged me to get some form of a play-thing to occupy my spare time. Unfortunately, my old Kyosho Inferno DX was way out of condition, and the engine was locked up from long neglect. By which time, I had already been spending days oogling footages of RC Monster Trucks online. Part of me was slightly depressed that I’d have to part with a sum of money to get something no less than what I fancied, and the other part of me was just excited to go out and get it.. after all… back when my parents got me my Inferno DX 1/8 Scale buggy, I did have a lot of post-purchase dissonance – “why didn’t I get the Monster Truck instead?”.

It was down to the Traxxas Revo 3.3 RTR and the Hpi Savage X 4.6 RTR. Years back, I’ve already been scouting Traxxas for their great offerings – like the Nitro Stampede and the T-Maxx, and their EZ-start system. However, it was my visit to HPI’s Singapore distributor Tai Seng Toys that biased me to the War Machine. It just seemed so rugged over the Revo, or T-Maxx, which had Small-Mid Block Engines. I wanted to get one toy that would last and heard enough about the Revo and T-Maxx suspension arms and drive shafts breaking via online forums, and so the Hpi Savage was it.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

P.S. If you’re asking me, “why not the Savage X 5.9?” well… I didn’t want to get something too fast or powerful that I couldn’t handle. Besides, the 4.6 was already much more endowed than other trucks in it’s class. The faster the truck, the easier it is to get mashed. Having said that, I’m having fun with mine, and don’t rule out upgrading mine to the bigger engine in future.