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RC Cars Hobby

RC Cars Hobby

RC Cars Hobby

is the ultimate resource for drivers, builders or beginners of electric and nitro gas powered radio control cars with tips on buying and racing popular remote control cars and trucks. My favorite article was their comparison between pullstart and non-pullstart nitro engines. That gave me discernment as to whether to keep my Kyosho Inferno DX’s Thunder Tiger Pro-21BR engine as it is, or to add a pull-start to it.

Big Squid RC

Big Squid RC Basher Test Reviews

“For Bashers, By Bashers” is their slogan. If you’re into car mashing, and keenly wanting to know how good an RC model is in terms of durability, performance, speed, and “Will it Bash Well?”, this is the site to look at. Other than their in-house editorial team, a good amount of their content comes from reader submission as well – that makes the reviews very balanced and thorough. If you’re in Chicago, you can even benefit from advance test-drives of new models on the RC market – BEFORE THEY RELEASE!


Radio Controlled Car Action Mag

Remote Controlled Car Action Mag

Possibly the best, and we know for a fact – enduring RC Car magazine. Several other RC Car Mags died over the years – but this is still going strong due to their good content organization.

  1. soufian says:

    hey man i really want to purchase the bsd land ripper 2 where can i buy it from and btw i live in europe,Gibraltar 🙂

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