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BSD Land Ripper 2 | Backdraft 8E

Http:// Thailand is a great place for Off-road RC car action! Here are some snaps of my fun with the BSD Racing Land Ripper 2, codenamed, “BS809T”, in the countryside outskirts of Thailand, south-west of Bangkok. Shutter speed was too high so even the wheels became stationary. Toward the end is the Aluminum Alloy Shock Post mod. Stock setup includes Universal Drive Shafts all around, thickened dogbones, Hobbywing Ezrun 80A ESC, Big Bore Shocks, 4S Lipo 3200mah 25C, Hobbywing 2230kV Brushless Motor. Enjoy! I can ship these to your country. My e-store will be ready soon.


Http:// Pictured, clockwise from top left, BSD BS807T Short Course Truck, Viper XST 550-motor 1/10 Monster Truck (also available with Brushless motor), BS809T Land Ripper 2 1/8 Brushless Buggy, Leopard Mini-zilla 4WD Twin Motor Twin 7.2V high performance mini-truck. Short course truck has been sold, refer to earlier post for review. Viper XST and Leopard Mini-zilla are gifts but also available for sale. Land Ripper 2 is an awesome buggy! That and the SCT are rugged as hell and among the fastest in their class. I’m taking the manufacturers word on this that Land Ripper 2 kicks the predecessor’s ass. Been wanting to do a video on the LR2 but no one to film whole I drive it.

BSD / Redcat Short Course Truck Size Comparison

Http:// Here is the BSD | Redcat Aftershock 8E put beside the 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, and the BSD Viper Xst 1/10 Monster Truck (Aka Redcat Earthquake) just so you can have a better idea on its dimensions. If you realize, 1/10 SCTs are often as large and have wheelbases as the 1/8 trucks and buggies. Yet, some track operators forbid running 1/8 class cars n trucks on the very tracks the 1/10 SCTs run on.

Down-sized RC Monster Trucks

From large to tiny! 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, Viper XST 1/10 Monster Truck, Leopard 1/18 Mini-zilla

Is the BSD Land Ripper really a Narrow Track Buggy?

There’s been much talk about the Bsd Racing Land Ripper – that it is longer and narrower than race-class 1/8 buggies. As I have a Kyosho Inferno, the most popular IFMAR race car, I decided to have visual comparo. Verdict: Same wheelbase, same track. If you thought it was longer or narrower, it’s just an optical illusion.

RC car collection: 1/8 scale to 1/18 scale

Http:// – the whole gang.

Http:// If you own a BSD Racing Land Ripper BS803T or BS809T and broke your Upper Suspension Arm Mount, and have trouble getting replacement parts, give me a shout.