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Http:// Chantelle McFluffy Wong takes a trip out to the hospital. She enjoys car rides! In fact she sleeps very well through them.

Http:// This is from Rocky’s, NOT Rocky Master (for losers by losers). 16″ Boston Pizza but I can’t say 16″ of goodness. I remembered Rocky’s for how much ingredient they used to put in their pizzas. But today, For $32.60- a real rip-off! Scantly littered with ground beef, sausage and pepperoni, I wonder why do they have to go to such extents to cut costs. No more Rocky’s and Rocky Master for the matter- you’re now on my boycott list. So hard to find good, decadent pizzas that taste good these days.

Chantelle McFluffy Wong

Http:// hiding from daylight.

Http:// – We took the A1 room. Just as well, as on the way out the 4-bedded room was packed like a market place. If the baby would get annoyed in that clangor, I certainly would.

Just as she begins opening her eyes more.

Not a noisy twerp. Most of my facial features, my mom’s cheeks and wife’s sharp nose.