Posts Tagged ‘exceed rc’ A week ago I was just talking about how I’d continue to write even though no one seemed to care about my RC blog posts. Now, I’ve got a daily readership of 60-70! And most recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of emails and youtube messages asking me “What is the fastest motor for the HPI Savage X”, “Is supercharging my Savage X with a RB Innovations Supercharger a good idea” and “Are there some good Savage X Engine Mods Out there”…

Well… gee.. Savage X wasn’t meant to be a racing truck. If that’s really what you want, my honest words, in spite of the fact of owning a Savage X which I also modify quite a bit, are that for speed… save that money upgrading and just get a Traxxas Revo 3.3. The Revo may break a lil easier but it’s lighter and quick. Look on the bright side, if you spent the $400 you would have spent on mods on a Revo instead, you’d have 2 trucks! Ain’t that great? One to bash, and one to bash +race.

OK.. that’s being a little irritating. I shall answer your questions more directly, and I’ll do so all at once. Engine mods… other than a supercharger, which I’ll talk about shortly, are limited. You might wanna look at a different-shaped tuned pipe, with some knowledge from my recent posts on the varying functions of tuned pipes based on shape. About supercharging, that definitely works, but I think it’s better saved for road cars. Off road is just too much load on your engine when handling rough terrain, and the added strain via a supercharger such as the one by RB innovations is gonna cause your engine to break down alot faster. You might be better forking out a lil more money for a good motor (engine).

What’s the “fastest engine for savage x” then? There’s one engine out there that I’d call the fastest. Its simply getting the most powerful engine you can get, the one which dishes out the most horsepower and hoping that can fit in your chassis. I know for a fact a 5.9cc, or .36 engine will fit in.. but you might experiment with a 7.5cc(.46) engine and tell me if that works out. The Savage XL already uses the 5.9 cc engine. I’m not saying you have to get the HPI Nitrostar 5.9… because it isn’t the most powerful engine out there.

I suppose price is a concern.. So I actually suggest you start looking out for SH Engines which are from Taiwan. They are already on cars by Redcat Racing as well as ExceedRC. For a fairly low price, you can get a solid 5-6 horsepower engine for your Savage X. Then you’ll just have to play around with gear ratios after that, i.e. bigger spur gear or smaller clutch bell, for a higher top speed as your new engine will readily support it’s new speed.

I’ll be doing a review on SH Engines soon. Look out for that!


Where to Buy High Performance, High Quality Electric RC Cars at Lower Prices?. – by Julian Wong on

Selecting a good electric hobby-grade remote controlled car is not about picking the biggest brand names around, nor forking out hard-earned cash for the highest-priced rc car or truck around. These days, economies of scale, advancements in production technology, and the outsourcing of production to countries of low-cost labor has enabled us to enjoy high-performance, high-quality RC cars and trucks at much lower prices.

100% Ready to Run RC Buggies from JUST US$119.95 and up!

While some may squirm at the thought of a piece of Taiwan or China-branded and manufactured machinery, the fact of the matter is that many of the big names make their RC models wholly or in part in Taiwan or in China, either in company-opened manufacturing plants, or more oftenly, in leased production facilities. In recent years, with China and Taiwan-originated RC brands like Hobao (better known as Ofna, maker of the Hyper 7) and mega-brands like Thunder Tiger taking pole position at various ROAR, IFMAR and JMRCA rc car racing competitions, the “cheap and inferior products” stigma often associated with the two countries is fast-dissolving.

BSD Racing BS803T 1/8 "Land Ripper" Buggy

BSD Racing BS803T 1/8 "Land Ripper" Buggy

In fact, Thunder Tiger in recent years acquired the well-established race-oriented Associated Electric, a.k.a. Team Associated, and has since applied their technologies to their range of RC cars and trucks. The brand popularly known as “Ofna” on the other hand, exclusively distributes China and Taiwan-produced RC car makes like Hobao, Jammin, and Hong Nor. In the wake of their success, skills transferred to local engineers via leased production have spurred new RC market entrants like BSD Racing (already making a name for its 1/8 Land Ripper) and Exceed RC – which feature various models that directly rival the quality and performance of popular, hot-selling ones such as the HPI Savage X, Kyosho Inferno VE, RC10T. Even where motors and ESCs are concerned, China’s HobbyWing has rather successfully permeated the mid-range hobbyist with lower cost, yet high-performance alternatives to offerings by Novak, Tekin and Castle Creations.

What level of “savings” are we talking about? Well, a good 30-40%! Moreover, many of these “spin-offs” or “knock-offs” you may call, come fully hopped up with top end parts – like 16mm big bore oil-filled threaded shocks, polished high-flow exhausts, full-metal transmission, and high output motors or engines. If you are looking for high-performance, high-quality RC cars at low prices, the Asian RC revolution is here.

About the author: Julian Wong, aged 26, married and self-employed actively trades stocks and forex, and runs several internet marketing programs. His favorite outdoor past-time is off-road RC cars, and he is a proud owner of a Kyosho Inferno and a HPI Savage X 4.6 – both running on Nitro. If you are interested in RC modification, RC videos, and RC racing, or want to be informed of coupon promotions and RC special deals online, do check out his link RC blog at

“How nice if I could have my own RC Store, even if it was just an E-bay Online Store” – I found myself saying last month.

First, I found, and thought they were pretty smart. After all, they started with a humble E-Bay store and went on to having their on E-commerce website, offering lower prices on big brands like Kyosho, HPI/Hot Bodies, Traxxas, Mugen Seki, Thunder Tiger, Tamiya and more..

But I could never imagine how great a scale an online store could go, till I came across, which is apparently by a handful of Asian college-age RC fanatics, currently specializing in Asian-made RC brands like Exceed RC, BSD Racing, . To start off with, they did a great job in social media marketing. They have a Youtube channel of professionally filmed and produced videos – topped by an introduction of the Traxxas Revo 3.3 which garnered 1,180,224 views, and seconded by another of Exceed RC’s Brushless Cars which took in a close 1,014,379 views, followed by a slew of other videos with viewership in the hundreds of thousand. On Facebook, they are also closing onto their target of 7,500 fans with their current count of 7,128. For the matter, the have also made themselves synonymous with the previously little-known Exceed RC of Taiwan which produces high-quality, high performing RC vehicles closely inspired by the big brands mentioned earlier.

While it may be easy to dismiss their online achievement as something intangible, I was shocked to find out that NitroRCx had been gaining great sales and publicity at the annual RCX Expo in Pomona, CA. Brilliant branding campaign in purchaser and prospective customer interviews, and capping it off with a thank-you message from an appreciative African-American 10-year-old Birthday-Giveaway winner. Check out this video here.