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I’m thinking of buying a Futaba 4PL after I recently experienced several instances of steering-lag with my current FlySky GT3B, and car throttle malfunction which I initially thought was due to flat receiver pack, but in fact it was due to flysky receiver overheating! The GR3C receivers don’t seem to handle heat very well, and possibly they don’t handle Life-Po receiver batteries very well because back when I used NIMH, I don’t recall having this problem.

Currently, I’m still reading reviews online between Futaba 4PL and the Futaba 4PKS. 4PL has the S-FHSS, but no FASST technology like the 4PKS. I think 4PL is definitely better than my Flysky GT3B, but I wonder how much slower is it compared to 4PKS, which costs $200 more.

Meanwhile, I know for a fact 4PL is durable, and Basher-approved! thanks to the guys at BigSquidRC. This video is hilarious!


Http:// There’s some chance of reviving this after all. Will be taking apart the centre differential for inspection when I have time this evening if Chantelle is well behaved. Hopefully its a loose part. If not, i hope its a generic gear. If need be, i hope to replace with a centre diff from the Thunder Tiger EB4 SX3, or BSD Racing. Still gearing up for the grudge match. Hopefully with this car. I think it may need a bigger or better powerplant though. The LSN is well tuned but I am not getting good low end torque from the current Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR, compared to my friend’s O.S. Speed engine. I like supporting the budding Asian companies, so i’d be looking at a SH 21 6-port turbo, or SH 28 8-port Offroad Competition engine. I’ll be receiving my BSD BS802T or Redcat Backdraft 3.5 Nitro in a day’s time. That comes with a SH 3-port buggy engine. I’m quite keen to test and review that. Then, I’ll effectively have two 1/8 racing buggies from BSD Racing, one GP, one EP. In the same shipment, I’ll be receiving several sets of Flysky GT3B (I know…like finally). One’s mine, some will be for friend’s pre-orders, and the rest will be sold off online.

BSD Racing Front Suspension Post

These are the after-market aluminum alloy mods. Fits all 1/10 and 1/8 scale BSD Racing and several models on the Redcat Racing range.