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#87230 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set w/UV Joint (Savage)


These work like a charm! Previously due to a faulty ball bearing, the powerful k4.6 Nitrostar Engine caused a burnout of the left axle. That would NEVER happen with this. It’s so torque-y! If you have a Savage X 4.6, yous should get this! I’ll add a video of mine soon!

HPI Savage X 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set with Universal Drive Shafts

HPI Racing is proud to offer this new 17mm Hex Hub Conversion Set with Universal Joints for the Savage series of Monster Trucks. 17mm hex hubs decrease the stress on the wheels, helping to prevent stripped wheels when using high horsepower engines. Universal joints deliver improved durability and more efficiency than the stock dogbones. They’re machined from high strength steel, hard chromed for a shiny durable finish that is easy to clean and looks great, and fully rebuildable to add extra life when it comes time for maintenance. These universal joints are factory designed, factory manufactured and team tested for the best fit and durability on the market. To help keep these universals together in the toughest conditions, the joint pin has been made with a special flat spot so the set screw gets a better seat when tightened. Sold as a set of four and includes everything needed to assemble and install. Comes with everything needed to upgrade one truck, including four axles/nuts, a wrench, thread lock and grease

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Advertisements I just returned from my holiday to Thailand where I got my Hpi Savage X 4.6 quite beat up.. I call it “Battle Scars” actually. Unfortunately, I busted my Big Bore Suspension’s Piston, wore out an axle, and melted the nylon spur gear (why the hell is it nylon in the first place?). Today, my box of hop-ups arrived via mail… Goodies! In it I’ve got:

  • Team Associated – Shock Absorber Oil 35WT
  • Integy Racing – Aluminium Wheelie Bar
  • Robinson Racing – Hardened Steel 47T Spur Gear (Smaller for quicker acceleration and rough-terrain handling)
  • Hpi Racing – Universal Drive Shaft / Aluminium Hex Hub Conversion Combo
  • Hpi Racing – Big Bore Suspension Titanium Nitride-coated Piston replacements
  • Hpi Racing – Aluminium Tuned Dual Chamber Exhaust (For higher RPM and power output)

My blog’s pretty new and bare.. but coming right up will be some of my Hpi Savage X 4.6’s off-road footage, and pictures and videos from the 2010 IFMAR 1/8 Scale Buggy Off-Road Championships held in Pattaya, at the Powerboat Pattaya Racetrack!

I’m Julian Wong, The Professional Bum, 26 and a month ago, the child in me urged me to get some form of a play-thing to occupy my spare time. Unfortunately, my old Kyosho Inferno DX was way out of condition, and the engine was locked up from long neglect. By which time, I had already been spending days oogling footages of RC Monster Trucks online. Part of me was slightly depressed that I’d have to part with a sum of money to get something no less than what I fancied, and the other part of me was just excited to go out and get it.. after all… back when my parents got me my Inferno DX 1/8 Scale buggy, I did have a lot of post-purchase dissonance – “why didn’t I get the Monster Truck instead?”.

It was down to the Traxxas Revo 3.3 RTR and the Hpi Savage X 4.6 RTR. Years back, I’ve already been scouting Traxxas for their great offerings – like the Nitro Stampede and the T-Maxx, and their EZ-start system. However, it was my visit to HPI’s Singapore distributor Tai Seng Toys that biased me to the War Machine. It just seemed so rugged over the Revo, or T-Maxx, which had Small-Mid Block Engines. I wanted to get one toy that would last and heard enough about the Revo and T-Maxx suspension arms and drive shafts breaking via online forums, and so the Hpi Savage was it.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

P.S. If you’re asking me, “why not the Savage X 5.9?” well… I didn’t want to get something too fast or powerful that I couldn’t handle. Besides, the 4.6 was already much more endowed than other trucks in it’s class. The faster the truck, the easier it is to get mashed. Having said that, I’m having fun with mine, and don’t rule out upgrading mine to the bigger engine in future.