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Http:// Pictured, clockwise from top left, BSD BS807T Short Course Truck, Viper XST 550-motor 1/10 Monster Truck (also available with Brushless motor), BS809T Land Ripper 2 1/8 Brushless Buggy, Leopard Mini-zilla 4WD Twin Motor Twin 7.2V high performance mini-truck. Short course truck has been sold, refer to earlier post for review. Viper XST and Leopard Mini-zilla are gifts but also available for sale. Land Ripper 2 is an awesome buggy! That and the SCT are rugged as hell and among the fastest in their class. I’m taking the manufacturers word on this that Land Ripper 2 kicks the predecessor’s ass. Been wanting to do a video on the LR2 but no one to film whole I drive it.

BSD / Redcat Short Course Truck Size Comparison

Http:// Here is the BSD | Redcat Aftershock 8E put beside the 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, and the BSD Viper Xst 1/10 Monster Truck (Aka Redcat Earthquake) just so you can have a better idea on its dimensions. If you realize, 1/10 SCTs are often as large and have wheelbases as the 1/8 trucks and buggies. Yet, some track operators forbid running 1/8 class cars n trucks on the very tracks the 1/10 SCTs run on.

Down-sized RC Monster Trucks

From large to tiny! 1/8 Scale Hpi Savage X 4.6, Viper XST 1/10 Monster Truck, Leopard 1/18 Mini-zilla

Is the BSD Land Ripper really a Narrow Track Buggy?

There’s been much talk about the Bsd Racing Land Ripper – that it is longer and narrower than race-class 1/8 buggies. As I have a Kyosho Inferno, the most popular IFMAR race car, I decided to have visual comparo. Verdict: Same wheelbase, same track. If you thought it was longer or narrower, it’s just an optical illusion.

RC car collection: 1/8 scale to 1/18 scale

Http:// – the whole gang.


Spielwarenmesse 2011: HPI 1:12 Mini Savage Brushless |

New from HPI for 2011 isn’t just the Baja 5SC, but it seems we also have another model set to debut, and this would be none other than the off-spring of the ever-popular, iconic, Savage line of Nitro and Electric monster trucks. This one would be called the Hpi Mini Savage Brushless or Mini Savage Flux.

Mini Savage Flux | Mini Savage Brushless

Mini Savage Flux | Mini Savage Brushless

Many of the trucks’ detail is a scaled down copy of the larger parent, the HPI Savage X – from the chassis (this time in kevlar), the suspension design, bumper, and even down to the tire threads. I believe this Mini Savage Flux | Mini Savage Brushless would catch on really well, not just due to its more portable size, but also more importantly, it’s price – without compromising on performance. After all, this littler version comes fitted with a monstrously powerful brushless “flux” system, complete with Lipo power. You can observe the Deans connector in the picture.

Mini Savage Flux | Mini Savage Brushless System Deans

Here’s an even closer look:

Closer look on Hpi Mini Savage Flux Suspension Design

And finally, here’s how they (Hpi Mini Savage Flux Brushless and the Hpi Savage X 4.6) look when put side-to-side. Isn’t the new one cute?

Isn't the new Hpi Mini Savage Brushless Flux cute? If you’re experiencing slow acceleration, low top-end speed, low torque – all this even when your Nitro RC vehicle is fully broken-in and tuned, you could have a burnt out, or melted Slipper Clutch Pad. This is a tutorial demonstrated with my HPI Savage X 4.6, on just how to replace your clutch pad, and re-assemble the slipper clutch set-up.

*Note*: I’m fully aware I’ve got long nails on long nail beds. I’m sick and tired on hearing comments to cut them or how they’re an eyesore. I like it this way so that’s that!

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Here’s mucking about with my HPI Savage X 4.6. Quick a good bash-around truck. Put this vid together with random pics and clips, including one of it getting chased by my mom’s stupid dog- be sure to look out for that. It’s a great truck to get for general fun. For racing, and better track performance, you might wanna look instead at the Exceed RC Madstorm available see If you’re wondering how to get to the Zhonghua CC-managed Segar RC Off road Track, I’ll do you a favor, since NO ONE has explicitly written about it – except for that it’s beneath the KJE bridge. It’s located opposite HDB Block 419, Segar Road. Look out for the visuals at the start of this video. If you drive, you may park in the multistory carpark by block 419. If you’re taking the train, get off at the Fajar LRT, and walk against traffic past a junction to get to Segar Road.

Enough of that…so anyway, here’s my first run at the Segar RC Track, and as you can see, Savage X has CRAP turning circle. Twice as large a turning circle as my Kyosho Inferno. I’d have to get the steering/suspension arm conversion kit to improve cornering. If you’re considering a HPI Savage X 4.6, looking to race, want to get a great truck for a low price, get an Exceed RC Mad Storm at instead. The same .28- class engine, and a much lower CG and tighter turning, complete with high-torque servos.

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck

Exceed RC Madstorm Racing RTR - Low Price, High Performance Race Truck. CLICK HERE for more info...

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Http:// Long day! Started out with tennis, then Church as a family, then lunch feast, home recce. I failed to find Sengkang’s Farmway LRT RC Track, so settled on some excavated land near Popeye’s at Riviera LRT. Had pretty good fun but shame no extra hand to film the sand drifting and climbing a mini mount of gravel. Capped off the day with hearty laughter at Jack Black’s wisecracks in Gulliver’s Travels.

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

Christmas Day Out with Wife & Hpi Savage X 4.6

What Are RC Exhaust Afterfires and Backfires, and How To Deal With Them.

Written by Julian Wong, Singapore

RC Exhaust Afterfire | RC Exhaust Backfire

RC Exhaust Afterfire | RC Exhaust Backfire (Real Life-size Subaru WRX Afterfire Shown)

What Are RC Exhaust Backfires / Afterfires?

Anyone ever witnessed an RC Exhaust Afterfire? Some mistake this condition to be called a “Backfire”. They are highly common in drag race mobiles, which have oversized engines that aren’t properly mastered by their exhaust – or cost-saving, sub-standard fuel injection systems.

Why Do They Happen?

Truth be told, “Afterfire” is the condition when the fresh fuel ignites anywhere after the engine – in the manifold, the exhaust coupling, or in the exhaust. Whereas, “Backfires” are when the ignition happens on the way to the engine, possibly in the carburetor, back toward the fuel tank. For an RC car model, you could well wind up with your RC Car’s fuel blowing up in your face.

The result of an afterfire  is a flash of bright flame out of the exhaust opening that WILL burn with high heat.

Exhaust Flame Thrower

Exhaust Flame Thrower

Dangers of Afterfires

Even if permanent facial disfigurement wasn’t the case, many RC Hobbyists and Car fanatics try to make this happen to their exhausts, however those using stock exhausts, usually made of nylon, should take care, as internal melting could occur.

Nitro RC Car Starter Box

Nitro RC Car Starter Box

Afterfires in RC Cars & Special Precautions

When you are starting your new RC car with a rich fuel setting, you may experience these afterfires. Take special care to ensure that there are no leaks from your exhaust coupling that may leak out to your hands so that you would not suffer any accidental burns if you are using a hand-held starter. If you are using a starter box, take care to ensure that no fuel gets on to it, as exploding batteries are very dangerous business. Clean any glow fuel spillages before re-connecting your glow-starter and re-commencing your nitro car break in.

About the author: Julian Wong, aged 26, married and self-employed actively trades stocks and forex, and runs several internet marketing programs. His favorite outdoor past-time is off-road RC cars, and he is a proud owner of a Kyosho Inferno and a HPI Savage X 4.6. He keeps an RC blog at It’s the year end, and my HPI Savage X 4.6 went along for a holiday in Thailand. Here’s an edited video footage of it’s run at a countryside high-school in Chacheongsao, Chonburi. Music feat “1234” by upcoming band, Fake. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures as promised.. My modified HPI Savage X 4.6, and my 10-year-old Kyosho Inferno DX. I was quite inspired to give my Inferno DX a re-look after Josh Cyrul’s famous House-Jumping video by a 1/8 Scale Off-road Racing Buggy, none other than the Kyosho Inferno 7.5. History has it that Kyosho popularized the 1/8 off-road race car, as in their company debut, they wanted to avoid direct competition with Tamiya – the world’s largest R/C and model car manufacturer. Consequently, rather than targeting the entry-level hobbyist, they made race-ready cars targeted at discerning RC car fanatics and “professional” racers.

I didn’t do much modding on the Inferno.. Back then, I changed all shocks to aluminum extra-travel oil-damped shocks. I remembered feeling quite disgruntled that for the same money, the Thunder Tiger 1/8 Off Road buggy had the whole works in it… particularly, metal gears, dirt guards and adjustable big-bore shocks. Nonetheless, the immature me who knew jack about car tuning, didn’t do a proper engine break-in, and worse… I ran it in a long-grass field and over-heated and over-worked the stock Kyosho .21 engine. So, I got a nice blue-topped Thunder Tiger Pro-21BR that generates 2.12 hp! Best part… I found that it’s such a good engine that it is still in production even today! I also changed the air filter to a K & N one. It’s currently fitted with my Savage X’s old, stock exhaust. Will have to change the manifold to fit an aluminium tuned pipe I have lying around.

Old RC Meets New : Kyosho Inferno DX vs HPI Savage X 4.6

Old RC Meets New : Kyosho Inferno DX vs HPI Savage X 4.6

Old RC Meets New : Kyosho Inferno DX vs HPI Savage X 4.6

Old RC Meets New : Kyosho Inferno DX vs HPI Savage X 4.6