Posts Tagged ‘hpisavagex46’ Hey folks, this is yet another review on the BSD Racing series. This time we’re looking at the BS807T Short Course Truck. Based on the popular “Land Ripper” platform, this comes fitted with a HobbyWing Xerun 80A Competition ESC, coupled with a HobbyWing Xerun 2230Kv Brushless Motor and Dual 2S Lipos of 3300mAh each, this is set to tear up the tracks! A very powerful setup that still uses race-compliant SCT tyres. Amp it up any further and you’d have trouble driving it on a track. Big-ass bumpers on both ends, and Big Bore shocks with bleed shock caps to soak up the shocks. More videos to come…..

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Click the “Subscribe” button to follow my posts on Youtube. Cya! It’s been two weeks plus or three? – since I started this RC blog that is. Strangely I haven’t gotten winded about it, and in fact take more keen interest in posting regular updates on it. This site doesn’t make me money… if I put the same zest in updating my e-commerce sites, I’d be making lots of money online! After exactly 2 weeks, they finally arrived! Hpi Savage X upgrades, and sort of like Pre-Christmas goodies too. In this box I received the:

– HPI 1200mah Receiver Hump Pack
– Robinson Racing Hardened Steel Spur Gear 48T
– Robinson Racing Hardened Steel Clutch Bell 17T
– Robinson Racing Hardened Steel Clutch Bell 18T
– HPI Purple Anodized Titanium Turnbuckles

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and “HpiSavageX” on Here are some very general directions in breaking in your Nitro Engine for your RC Car, Buggy, Truck, Truggy.
1. Check your High Speed Needle setting.. most manufacturers have a default setting of 2 1/2 turns anti-clockwise from a fully tightened position.
2. Fuel up your tank
3. Prime the fuel into the carburetor using either a fuel pump, or in many other cases (like mine), just run the pull-start/ rotostart/ hand-starter/ starter box, covering the exhaust opening as you do so.
4. Remove your air filter to check that the carb has open with a small 1 mm gap.
5. You do not need your radio kit for this.
6. Connect your glow starter and pull-start/ rotostart/ hand-starter/ starter box – for not more than 5 seconds at a time.
7. You may place your car on a box, and open the throttle slightly.
8. Let your vehicle run 2-3 tanks of fuel his way.

This is a very “rich” fuel setting, that allows your engine to get seasoned and fully lubricated with the fuel additives, without running the engine too hot. In fact it should be quite safe to the touch. It will become faster for you.

Next steps include (Not shown in this video)

Tank 3: Run your car in circles, applying throttle slightly, and letting it coast. Repeat.

Tank 4: Find a large open space, run your RC vehicle to full throttle, and let it coast.

Tank 5: Same as 4, but now, tighten your HSN bit by bit, an 1/8 of a turn each time, followed by a test run or two. Repeat until your car can go no faster. If engine splutters or stalls, richen by 1/8 turn.

*Optional: Not all cars have Low Speed Needle (LSN), but if so, do adjust in the same way as HSN – this time looking for better throttle response.

For more RC Tips, RC Option Parts, RC Modification, RC Racing, RC Where To Buy and more… Check out Following my previous tutorial on “How to Save A Locked RC Buggy / Plane / Heli Engine?” – here is the video of my first run – since the engine got locked up from unuse.On a side note, shame on the folks at, ToyKar SG Pte Ltd- distributors for Kyosho in Singapore. They said “your engine is locked” “your car is old and beyond repair” – well.. look… isn’t it running now? Sure as hell, they won’t be getting any business from me. Never trust your nearby hobby shop tell you if they tell you your locked engine can’t be saved or serviced. After all, the next buggy I’m getting is gonna be either the Traxxas Bandit VXL Brushless, or the Team Associated RC8. If I had to get anything Kyosho, I’d get it online. I’d suggest you do so too. Check back often, I’ll be putting up a buying guide often. RC Cars in the Movies – This is from “Ocean’s Eleven” from year 2001. Seth Green’s Character races a 1/4 RC Monster Truck. The RC Truck gets the early lead, but not to be outdone, the Life-size truck then swerves over to crush it. Name the truck though? Many guess that it’s by New Era Models, others say it’s not. Some say it’s Nitro, others think it’s Electric. But then, back in 2001, there was no brushless motors around?

What Are RC Exhaust Afterfires and Backfires, and How To Deal With Them.

Written by Julian Wong, Singapore

RC Exhaust Afterfire | RC Exhaust Backfire

RC Exhaust Afterfire | RC Exhaust Backfire (Real Life-size Subaru WRX Afterfire Shown)

What Are RC Exhaust Backfires / Afterfires?

Anyone ever witnessed an RC Exhaust Afterfire? Some mistake this condition to be called a “Backfire”. They are highly common in drag race mobiles, which have oversized engines that aren’t properly mastered by their exhaust – or cost-saving, sub-standard fuel injection systems.

Why Do They Happen?

Truth be told, “Afterfire” is the condition when the fresh fuel ignites anywhere after the engine – in the manifold, the exhaust coupling, or in the exhaust. Whereas, “Backfires” are when the ignition happens on the way to the engine, possibly in the carburetor, back toward the fuel tank. For an RC car model, you could well wind up with your RC Car’s fuel blowing up in your face.

The result of an afterfire  is a flash of bright flame out of the exhaust opening that WILL burn with high heat.

Exhaust Flame Thrower

Exhaust Flame Thrower

Dangers of Afterfires

Even if permanent facial disfigurement wasn’t the case, many RC Hobbyists and Car fanatics try to make this happen to their exhausts, however those using stock exhausts, usually made of nylon, should take care, as internal melting could occur.

Nitro RC Car Starter Box

Nitro RC Car Starter Box

Afterfires in RC Cars & Special Precautions

When you are starting your new RC car with a rich fuel setting, you may experience these afterfires. Take special care to ensure that there are no leaks from your exhaust coupling that may leak out to your hands so that you would not suffer any accidental burns if you are using a hand-held starter. If you are using a starter box, take care to ensure that no fuel gets on to it, as exploding batteries are very dangerous business. Clean any glow fuel spillages before re-connecting your glow-starter and re-commencing your nitro car break in.

About the author: Julian Wong, aged 26, married and self-employed actively trades stocks and forex, and runs several internet marketing programs. His favorite outdoor past-time is off-road RC cars, and he is a proud owner of a Kyosho Inferno and a HPI Savage X 4.6. He keeps an RC blog at