Posts Tagged ‘nitrorcx’ There’s been several folks emailing me about Exceed RC’s Drift Star, which I featured in an earlier post, which is perpetually out of stock. Good news! It’s now back and available, and also available in the pictured “350 Orange” style! Use this coupon code for a 10% discount In this RC Car Review, we unboxed the latest offering from BSD Racing – Version 2 of the popular “Land Ripper” 1/8 Brushless Off-Road Buggy as you’ve seen on NitroRCX and on Redhat Racing (sold under the Redhat Racing Label), and other sites. This is part of the “Asian Revolution” in RCs. It’s feature packed, and I was very impressed with what is touted as “China’s Fastest Buggy Ever Made”. This is really catching on in the UK, due to its low price and great performance.

If you’ve been looking for info on this buggy, I know it’s really hard for you to find much online – hence I decided to do you this favor.

Feel free to write me on this buggy. If you’re in Europe or in the US and looking to get one, I reckon I could help you with it. After all, I live in Asia too. Subscribe to my videos and find me on facebook at


“How nice if I could have my own RC Store, even if it was just an E-bay Online Store” – I found myself saying last month.

First, I found, and thought they were pretty smart. After all, they started with a humble E-Bay store and went on to having their on E-commerce website, offering lower prices on big brands like Kyosho, HPI/Hot Bodies, Traxxas, Mugen Seki, Thunder Tiger, Tamiya and more..

But I could never imagine how great a scale an online store could go, till I came across, which is apparently by a handful of Asian college-age RC fanatics, currently specializing in Asian-made RC brands like Exceed RC, BSD Racing, . To start off with, they did a great job in social media marketing. They have a Youtube channel of professionally filmed and produced videos – topped by an introduction of the Traxxas Revo 3.3 which garnered 1,180,224 views, and seconded by another of Exceed RC’s Brushless Cars which took in a close 1,014,379 views, followed by a slew of other videos with viewership in the hundreds of thousand. On Facebook, they are also closing onto their target of 7,500 fans with their current count of 7,128. For the matter, the have also made themselves synonymous with the previously little-known Exceed RC of Taiwan which produces high-quality, high performing RC vehicles closely inspired by the big brands mentioned earlier.

While it may be easy to dismiss their online achievement as something intangible, I was shocked to find out that NitroRCx had been gaining great sales and publicity at the annual RCX Expo in Pomona, CA. Brilliant branding campaign in purchaser and prospective customer interviews, and capping it off with a thank-you message from an appreciative African-American 10-year-old Birthday-Giveaway winner. Check out this video here.