Posts Tagged ‘rc cars’ Hey folks! Another jailbreak video from me for the Iphone 4 and 3GS running 4.2.1. Work your IPhone to its fullest capabilities with open source and great bolt-on apps from the Iphone Dev Team community.

The files you need for GreenPoison RC5 can be found at (download links):

For Mac OSX-

For Windows-

For Linux-

I started my phone in DFU mode which I felt made things a lot smoother and quicker. To get into DFU, you’ll have to:

1) Press the power button for 5 seconds

2) While still holding down the power button, press the home button as well, for 10 seconds

3) While still holding down the home button, release the power button. Continue to hold home button for 10 seconds.

4) If done correctly, screen should remain off.

Connect your Iphone via USB. Run the software. Follow as per my video.

The whole process took me 6 and a half minutes. I cut out the dull waits in post-editing to give you a cleaner, less boring video.

This jailbreak will work if you have been previously relying on a RedSnow 9.6rc7. Does not fuck up your Cydia and Install0us installations. However, if you’re using an Ultrasn0w carrier unlock, stay away for now.

Other than that, have fun with your Greenpoison RC5 Jailbreak!

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