Posts Tagged ‘rc option parts’ Here are some very general directions in breaking in your Nitro Engine for your RC Car, Buggy, Truck, Truggy.
1. Check your High Speed Needle setting.. most manufacturers have a default setting of 2 1/2 turns anti-clockwise from a fully tightened position.
2. Fuel up your tank
3. Prime the fuel into the carburetor using either a fuel pump, or in many other cases (like mine), just run the pull-start/ rotostart/ hand-starter/ starter box, covering the exhaust opening as you do so.
4. Remove your air filter to check that the carb has open with a small 1 mm gap.
5. You do not need your radio kit for this.
6. Connect your glow starter and pull-start/ rotostart/ hand-starter/ starter box – for not more than 5 seconds at a time.
7. You may place your car on a box, and open the throttle slightly.
8. Let your vehicle run 2-3 tanks of fuel his way.

This is a very “rich” fuel setting, that allows your engine to get seasoned and fully lubricated with the fuel additives, without running the engine too hot. In fact it should be quite safe to the touch. It will become faster for you.

Next steps include (Not shown in this video)

Tank 3: Run your car in circles, applying throttle slightly, and letting it coast. Repeat.

Tank 4: Find a large open space, run your RC vehicle to full throttle, and let it coast.

Tank 5: Same as 4, but now, tighten your HSN bit by bit, an 1/8 of a turn each time, followed by a test run or two. Repeat until your car can go no faster. If engine splutters or stalls, richen by 1/8 turn.

*Optional: Not all cars have Low Speed Needle (LSN), but if so, do adjust in the same way as HSN – this time looking for better throttle response.

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