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Http:// Here’s SH Engine Company’s top-level offering for .28 class Nitro racers. “SH” are initials for the Taiwan Company’s name in Chinese, “Sheng Hong”. The company is also known as Golden Lion Enterprise Co Ltd.

This is an 8-port racing engine with a 3-screw carburetor assembly- namely for High Speed Needle (HSN), Low Speed Needle (LSN) and Idle Screw. Unlike other SH engines in the lineup, this one does not have a Mid-range Needle adjustment.

The pilot shaft is of a standard length and compatible with most flywheels and clutch bells. However, for this engine size, a 3-shoe clutch and flywheel system is recommended. Rather than using E-clips which are common on lower capacity engines, this uses a 3-mm cap screw. Shim accordingly to remove excess play between your clutch, flywheel and the cap screw.

Due to the 8-ports, the SH PT28 XM1-P8 has a rather large cylinder head. Here are the power statistics- Cublic cpapcity 4.57 cc Bore 18.50 mm Stroke 17.00 mm R.P.M 36000 rpm Power 4.0 hp Weight 422 g

Bad Taiwanese English

I thought this typo by Taiwan’s biggest RC engine manufacturer was rather funny. “Power by SH”.

Http:// There’s some chance of reviving this after all. Will be taking apart the centre differential for inspection when I have time this evening if Chantelle is well behaved. Hopefully its a loose part. If not, i hope its a generic gear. If need be, i hope to replace with a centre diff from the Thunder Tiger EB4 SX3, or BSD Racing. Still gearing up for the grudge match. Hopefully with this car. I think it may need a bigger or better powerplant though. The LSN is well tuned but I am not getting good low end torque from the current Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR, compared to my friend’s O.S. Speed engine. I like supporting the budding Asian companies, so i’d be looking at a SH 21 6-port turbo, or SH 28 8-port Offroad Competition engine. I’ll be receiving my BSD BS802T or Redcat Backdraft 3.5 Nitro in a day’s time. That comes with a SH 3-port buggy engine. I’m quite keen to test and review that. Then, I’ll effectively have two 1/8 racing buggies from BSD Racing, one GP, one EP. In the same shipment, I’ll be receiving several sets of Flysky GT3B (I know…like finally). One’s mine, some will be for friend’s pre-orders, and the rest will be sold off online.

BSD Racing Front Suspension Post

These are the after-market aluminum alloy mods. Fits all 1/10 and 1/8 scale BSD Racing and several models on the Redcat Racing range. A week ago I was just talking about how I’d continue to write even though no one seemed to care about my RC blog posts. Now, I’ve got a daily readership of 60-70! And most recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of emails and youtube messages asking me “What is the fastest motor for the HPI Savage X”, “Is supercharging my Savage X with a RB Innovations Supercharger a good idea” and “Are there some good Savage X Engine Mods Out there”…

Well… gee.. Savage X wasn’t meant to be a racing truck. If that’s really what you want, my honest words, in spite of the fact of owning a Savage X which I also modify quite a bit, are that for speed… save that money upgrading and just get a Traxxas Revo 3.3. The Revo may break a lil easier but it’s lighter and quick. Look on the bright side, if you spent the $400 you would have spent on mods on a Revo instead, you’d have 2 trucks! Ain’t that great? One to bash, and one to bash +race.

OK.. that’s being a little irritating. I shall answer your questions more directly, and I’ll do so all at once. Engine mods… other than a supercharger, which I’ll talk about shortly, are limited. You might wanna look at a different-shaped tuned pipe, with some knowledge from my recent posts on the varying functions of tuned pipes based on shape. About supercharging, that definitely works, but I think it’s better saved for road cars. Off road is just too much load on your engine when handling rough terrain, and the added strain via a supercharger such as the one by RB innovations is gonna cause your engine to break down alot faster. You might be better forking out a lil more money for a good motor (engine).

What’s the “fastest engine for savage x” then? There’s one engine out there that I’d call the fastest. Its simply getting the most powerful engine you can get, the one which dishes out the most horsepower and hoping that can fit in your chassis. I know for a fact a 5.9cc, or .36 engine will fit in.. but you might experiment with a 7.5cc(.46) engine and tell me if that works out. The Savage XL already uses the 5.9 cc engine. I’m not saying you have to get the HPI Nitrostar 5.9… because it isn’t the most powerful engine out there.

I suppose price is a concern.. So I actually suggest you start looking out for SH Engines which are from Taiwan. They are already on cars by Redcat Racing as well as ExceedRC. For a fairly low price, you can get a solid 5-6 horsepower engine for your Savage X. Then you’ll just have to play around with gear ratios after that, i.e. bigger spur gear or smaller clutch bell, for a higher top speed as your new engine will readily support it’s new speed.

I’ll be doing a review on SH Engines soon. Look out for that!