Posts Tagged ‘stampede’ New ball-bearings for my HPI Savage X. Got them for a fraction of what they’d cost if bought direct from hpi, traxxas etc – even less than Tower Hobbies. I got a whole set of 22 ball-bearings for US$10! These are OEM ones but work great! Usually, you can’t even get a decent pair of steel bearings for US$3! Also available for popular tracks like the Traxxas T-Maxx, E-Maxx, Stampede, Revo, the MGT, etc…


RB Innovations released a line of superchargers for various popular on-road and off-road RC Cars by a myriad of brands including:

HPI Traxxas OFNA
Associated LOSI XTM Racing
Dragsters Tower Hobbies Tamiya
Sportwerks CEN Racing Serpent
Megatech Hydros Kyosho
Hot Bodies GS Racing Thunder Tiger
Mugen Great Vigor Trinity
Duratrax Schumacher Yokomo

While many RC hobbyists and racers alike have been lapping them up, and even more in response to user reviews posted on popular RC forums like RCUniverse and RCTech, several key questions remain, such as, “How do Nitro Superchargers Work?”, “Will Nitro Superchargers Really Make My RC Car Faster or More Powerful?”, “Will Nitro Superchargers Shorten the Life of My Nitro RC Engine?”, “Are There Alternatives To Nitro Superchargers That Can Make My Nitro RC Car Perform Better?”.

Squirrels RC Forum made two videos to explain this. Do have a look!

Here’s Part 1.

And here’s Part 2!

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