Posts Tagged ‘team associated rc8’ Following my previous tutorial on “How to Save A Locked RC Buggy / Plane / Heli Engine?” – here is the video of my first run – since the engine got locked up from unuse.On a side note, shame on the folks at, ToyKar SG Pte Ltd- distributors for Kyosho in Singapore. They said “your engine is locked” “your car is old and beyond repair” – well.. look… isn’t it running now? Sure as hell, they won’t be getting any business from me. Never trust your nearby hobby shop tell you if they tell you your locked engine can’t be saved or serviced. After all, the next buggy I’m getting is gonna be either the Traxxas Bandit VXL Brushless, or the Team Associated RC8. If I had to get anything Kyosho, I’d get it online. I’d suggest you do so too. Check back often, I’ll be putting up a buying guide often.

Welcome to my various linked social media accs for my childish obsession in Off-road rc cars. My posts will largely be related to rc car, rc car racing, rc option parts and rc car modification – and there will be greater editorial bias toward the HPI Savage X, the Kyosho Inferno (which I own) and the Team Associated RC8 (which I plan to get). However, do bear with same random rants here and there.

Bringing you pics of the thrills and spills of the just-over IFMAR 2010 1/8 Off Road Buggy World Championships Thailand, held at the very well-put-together Pattaya Powerboat RC Racetrack (or Pattaya PRC in short). The event ran from 7-14 November, and consisted of many heats of 10 minutes to select the fastest drivers, culminating in a 60-minute final. Weather was fairly cool and low in humidity – excellent for such a tropical location. The cars entered for this race mainly consisted of Kyosho Infernos, Mugen Seki MBX 6, Team Associated RC8s, Hot Bodies D8, and there were also a few CEN Racing Matrixes and some Ofna Hyper 7s. Quite honestly… I feel like either resurrecting my Inferno DX or getting an Associated RC8

Videos on the way… but here are some pics first… You saw it first on