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Here’s a screen shots. I don’t need to explain more. Just look at the dates, infer for yourself how slow and inefficient USPS is. I’ll NEVER opt for USPS Priority Mail ever again. I’ll go with’s Parts’ Express discount on UPS Worldwide Express Saver.

Ok terence… you’re scaring me. What? Your Iphone casing, shipped via USPS “disappeared”? Hmm.. I’m having second thoughts on picking up some HPI Savage X spare parts from Tai Seng here. If the same happens to mine, I’ll at least get to run and race my RC truck while I complain and wait for a replacement – I was told to wait till 2nd December though. Did you get tracking on yours though? USPS has this “notification to receive parcel” thing as well. So in case that’s what you got, there are some supplier scams online that give you a tracking code based on a notification to receive, and not actually sending the parcel to USPS.