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Here’s a screen shots. I don’t need to explain more. Just look at the dates, infer for yourself how slow and inefficient USPS is. I’ll NEVER opt for USPS Priority Mail ever again. I’ll go with’s Parts’ Express discount on UPS Worldwide Express Saver.


I get most of my Nitro Rc HPI Savage X parts from Tower Hobbies, and usually, I have them shipped to me via UPS Worldwide Express Saver. That usually costs just $25 as they rarely exceed a kilo, but as 7-14 days seemed like a reasonable wait for a 65% savings on shipping, I opted for USPS Priority Mail this time. Big mistake! According to the tracking info, for my order placed 17 Nov, as of 25 Nov, it just arrived at the USPS International Mail Sorting Center. How inefficient is that? I’ve already lost 10 days of playtime, and i’m adverse to spending additional money getting the HPI Savage Racing Clutch Bell locally. It would have reached me on 21 Nov! Verdict- given’s mailing list coupon codes and “Parts Express” shipping savers, stick with UPS Worldwide Express Saver.