Me & My Hpi Savage X 4.6 RTR

I’m Julian Wong, The Professional Bum, 26 and a month ago, the child in me urged me to get some form of a play-thing to occupy my spare time. Unfortunately, my old Kyosho Inferno DX was way out of condition, and the engine was locked up from long neglect. By which time, I had already been spending days oogling footages of RC Monster Trucks online. Part of me was slightly depressed that I’d have to part with a sum of money to get something no less than what I fancied, and the other part of me was just excited to go out and get it.. after all… back when my parents got me my Inferno DX 1/8 Scale buggy, I did have a lot of post-purchase dissonance – “why didn’t I get the Monster Truck instead?”.

It was down to the Traxxas Revo 3.3 RTR and the Hpi Savage X 4.6 RTR. Years back, I’ve already been scouting Traxxas for their great offerings – like the Nitro Stampede and the T-Maxx, and their EZ-start system. However, it was my visit to HPI’s Singapore distributor Tai Seng Toys that biased me to the War Machine. It just seemed so rugged over the Revo, or T-Maxx, which had Small-Mid Block Engines. I wanted to get one toy that would last and heard enough about the Revo and T-Maxx suspension arms and drive shafts breaking via online forums, and so the Hpi Savage was it.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

Julian Wong's HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR during Break-in.

P.S. If you’re asking me, “why not the Savage X 5.9?” well… I didn’t want to get something too fast or powerful that I couldn’t handle. Besides, the 4.6 was already much more endowed than other trucks in it’s class. The faster the truck, the easier it is to get mashed. Having said that, I’m having fun with mine, and don’t rule out upgrading mine to the bigger engine in future.

  1. Hey everyone! Just testing my gravatar…

  2. jon says:

    Hey, I got myself a savage 4.6 X SS , basically because I was a bit bored wanted something to play around with, having just sold a revo (being my officially first truck or RC in many many years) the savage seemed to be the best offering on the market, at my price point anyway.
    I have had to mess around with setting it up correct, and a few little mods for brake , and droped the shocks slightly to lower CG. Also wound the camber right in for getting to almost negative camber, as Im trying to get it a bit more less lightly to topple over on corners. Im no going to upgrade to aluminium shock turrets or anything like that, If / when I crash bash it, I want the plastic bits to flex out the impact , or break . Lots of people put the aluminium bits on these trucks, but im not sure sure there is a benefit really. I think the next thing I will do to the truck it make it a three speed gearbox, and then go for a bigger CC engine, possibly a 0.28 picco, rather than the 5.9 from the XL. but before that I think i need better shocks would be money well spent. overall im fairly impressed with this RC from HPI very well built , though i did prefer the inboard shocks on the Revo, I think they work better mechanically, and much better shock on the stock for the money.

    • The Revo’s shock system always fascinated me. Looking back, it took me days deliberating between a Revo 3.3 or a Savage X 4.6, and eventually, I still miss the Revo.

      Good choice to keep the composite materials rather than going all-metal. I too believe that flex is necessary. Pro racers also use composite materials on their buggies and truggies even when aluminium is available.

      The HPI engines are rather fuel-economical. I get alot of run time on my tuned 4.6 – but they’re not the most powerful engines around.

      The CG is ultimately still higher than the Revo. So if you are thinking along the lines of racing your Savage, you really could be better off putting your money toward a second hand modded Revo on Ebay, or a new truggy.

  3. Robbie says:

    Hi there, I have just recently relocated to Bangkok and wonder whether you know any hobby shops around here to get some parts and nitro fuel? Appreciate any advice in order to start up my Savage again. Best regards, Robbie

    • Robbie, you should drop by at a newstand and pick up a RC mag. that would have the latest catalog of the shops available. On facebook, look out for “PakapongPumpui Meree KeeMao”. She’s an editor in the magazine and definitely will be able to help you with your question.

  4. Bill says:

    The 4.6 is very powerful and strong, easy to tune. Its not the most powerful engine out there but it def up there. I have a revo 3.3 and savage x 4.6 both i love

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