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I equipped my new R603FS receiver on my MP9 TKI and with my new 3PKS FASST transmitter I took the car out for the maiden track run with the new electronics. Great run, but at the end I was shocked to realize the antenna was gone! Probably came loose and got ripped off by the spinning wheels cos it’s so long!

First thoughts… “F*#$! Do I have to buy a new one for $75 already?” “Sure, there’s also an internal antenna, but it ain’t going to be as good”.

Later I walked round the track and found the antenna, but it was stripped of it’s socket (still in the RX). I eventually prised the receiver case open, un popped the socket or plug adapter (which look similar to the ones used in the Apple Iphones if you ever took them apart before), inserted the correct end of the coaxial antenna cable in and used a crimper to secure it. Works for now. I do find the external antenna gives better servo response.

BUT, just in case you face the same problem, you don’t have to

  1. Buy a new receiver ($75-80)
  2. Send your receiver back to Futaba for repair ($7 postage)
  3. Pay a hobby shop to repair your RX ($15-20 for labor)
  4. Buy a new Futaba coaxial antenna ($9)

CHEAP, and equally good solution is HERE. Exact same plugs. Same length. Just pop in and RACE AWAY! The compatible FrSky Receiver antenna available at Only $0.66, and if you remain on the product’s page long enough, you’ll get a pop-up advertising the item at $0.57.

Cheers and do thank me for the tip! Happy racing or bashing.