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Bottle Tree Park RC Motorsport Complex Race Track

Following Singapore’s inaugural night F1 Car-race in September 2008, there has been a tremendous growth of interest in motor-sports. However, car racing isn’t something everyone can afford. Hence, many have gone smaller scale on their cars, but by no means smaller scale on speed. We’re talking about the exiting world of high-speed, hobby-grade remote controlled car racing.

Bottle Tree Pte Ltd, a company interested in greenery preservation and family lifestyle development, recognized the growing niche and scarcity of space in Singapore, and proactively constructed the Bottle Tree R/C Motorsports Complex to give these hobbyists a place of gathering and expression.

The Bottle Tree R/C Motorsports Complex includes two racing tracks catering to both on-road and off-road RC car enthusiasts, pit area, service centre, pro-shop and even a sheltered rest area. Open to all with a small track fee payable, now hobbyists and motorists don’t have to be each other’ nuisance in public carparks anymore.

On-Road Track Video Clip

Off-Road Track Video Clip

RC Car Racing (Bottle Tree Park, Yishun)
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TheWicked Jun 17th, 10, 12:22 AM #15
-Drift track near MRT
-Bottle Tree Park has offroad and onroad track

Bukit Timah
-Turf city has both offroad and onroad track

Bukit Panjang
-Free 1/8 and 1/10 offroad track, but please help out during track maintenance
-Weekly drift meet behind fajar shopping centre under the MPH

-Drifting Unsure of venue and frequency

-Drift meet at night, went once but unsure of exact venue (i don’t drift any more)

East coast park
-2 onroad tracks

This is just off hand.

Basically if you want to photograph drift events the local drifters have actually spaced out the neighborhood drift meets so that there is 1 every night at different place.

For offroad, more limited place. Bottle tree and turf city tracks need payment of track fee.

There are a few other self-maintained (not officially approved) offroad tracks scattered around sg as well. head over to rctech forum or google to find them!

and this is just cars

we still have crawlers, tanks, planes, helis, speedboats, etc. but i’m not sure where they play. i’m sure there is regular meetups though. And cygig keep saying he want to be sg’s first to play r/c blimps.

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