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If you’re in the United States and looking for something to do this weekend, or you feel like taking a break from the weekend races to check out what’s on in RC, look no further than the RCX 2011. Held at Fairplex, Pomona, the is THE place to be if you care even an ounce about your hobby. There’ll be lots of 1/5 scale action this year, with Zenoah Engine’s  NATC Championship Series, and even a charity raffle for a highly-modded Baja 5T by Baja Addicts (I wrote about this earlier at Donate $2 to win a $10,000 fully-modded, custom-built HPI Baja 5T! Best thing is… You don’t have to be at the event to participate in it… World-wide hobbyists, read the post to find out how you can be a part of the raffle), it’s no wonder why Large Scale News is doing LIVE coverage of this event. RCP tracks will also be dishing out their mettle for Crawler demos and Kyosho & Auldey Mini-Z racing.  There’s just so much going on..


Read about it from the organizers Air Age Media themselves:

Via RCX Official Website

Horizon Try-Me Track!
Test your skills with hot new products and a hands-on experience!

NASCAR/Lionel Raffle
Enter to win the autographed hood from Tony Stewart’s custom NASCAR racer. Recognized as “one of the finest racers of his generation”, Stewart has won titles in Indy and stock cars, as well as midget, sprint and USAC Silver Crown cars.

Baja Raffle
Sponsored by Baja Addicts. Enter to win a one-of-a-kind Baja 5B! All proceeds from this raffle will go to the American Red Cross.

Traxxas Try-Me Track!
Take a test-drive with Traxxas’ new Monster Jam models—Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, Maximum Destruction, and Grinder! Everyone’s welcome to take a spin—and you just might take a Monster Jam truck home in Traxxas’ daily giveaway!

MHRA Drag Racing
Watch as pro dragsters reach speeds in excess of 115mph!

RC Tractor Pull
Sponsored by Outlaw Hobbies. Watch as nitro tractors pull sleds weighing 400+ lbs. across the dirt!

Drift Track – Sponsored by HPI
Check out mind blowing driving skills and amazing precision as talented gymkhana-style racers tear up the RCX drift track.

Sizzling Supercross Race and Demos!
Come watch the pros compete in this RC Car Action invitational race featuring the best nitro racers in trucks and buggies. Top manufacturers will also be showcasing their hottest new cars throughout the show.

Crawl Mountain!
Sponsored by RCP Tracks.
RC rock crawling is back at RCX 2011! Check out the pros as they climb a 30’x40′ mountain in amazing competition and scale rock crawling.

Die Cast X Collector’s Expo
Buying? Selling? Trading? Collecting? It’s all here at the International Die Cast X Collectors’s Expo! Special collector only ticket package includes one-of-a-kind giveaways, collector’s hours, 2 day admission and raffle entries. Click here

Model Airplane News Expo
Check out the hottest plane and micro heli demonstrations, races and aerobatics both indoors and out! Click here

RCP West Coast Challenge
Sponsored by RCP Tracks.
Some of the world’s most advanced micro RC drivers compete in head to head action on a huge 40′ x 25′ RCP Track.

HPI Drift Challenge #4
2 days of drift battles galore, time attack madness and freestyle drift sessions!

The NATC Championship Series presented by Zenoah
5th Scale racing ventures to RCX for 2-days of pulse-pounding RC action on the outdoor track! All fuel scales, 1/10th, 1/8th, 1/8th GT, 1/5th scale electric motor cycle, 1/5th Super Touring, 1/5th T2 (sportsman) and 1/5th Formula 1.

RCX Boat Pond sponsored by Venom
Take your turn at the helm in the large outdoor boat pond!

The Southwest Armor Group
1/6 scale radio control AFV club brings their light, medium and heavy tanks to RCX! Come experience the sound, smoke and most of all the ability to crush things. Watch as model cars, tanks, cans and whatever else we can run over gets crushed by the large scale armor.

If you dislike skateboarders, you’ll love this video. Youtuber “Bugzrrad” filmed as his brother did the awesome “Money Shot”, of a Traxxas Slash Brushless flying up a ramp and crashing into nosy skateboarder-bystander in the balls. Score 1 for RC car hobbyists! Turf war!

*Note: These comments do not represent thoughts of the video’s originator, but instead, my frustrations at some boorish skateboarders out there.

RC Car Hits Boy In The Nuts!

My wife was telling me something, but I happened to be watching this and I just burst out laughing midway (yea… she wasn’t too pleased on that)! This video is freakin’ hilarious! I’m sure it must have hurt.. but it’s just so funny!

I’m sure these two turds (one filming, one controlling the plane) had planned to punk their friend. You can just see that it’s so deliberate! Jerks!

Another RC Accident video… enjoy!

Well, almost…The controller did do a rather good job of chasing down the bird though.

Nope, I haven’t gotten interested in RC Planes… but, I don’t know.. I’ve had a fairly rough week and just get some catharsis watching people, birds, and things getting hit by radio controlled vehicles.

More to come….

Http:// There’s some chance of reviving this after all. Will be taking apart the centre differential for inspection when I have time this evening if Chantelle is well behaved. Hopefully its a loose part. If not, i hope its a generic gear. If need be, i hope to replace with a centre diff from the Thunder Tiger EB4 SX3, or BSD Racing. Still gearing up for the grudge match. Hopefully with this car. I think it may need a bigger or better powerplant though. The LSN is well tuned but I am not getting good low end torque from the current Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR, compared to my friend’s O.S. Speed engine. I like supporting the budding Asian companies, so i’d be looking at a SH 21 6-port turbo, or SH 28 8-port Offroad Competition engine. I’ll be receiving my BSD BS802T or Redcat Backdraft 3.5 Nitro in a day’s time. That comes with a SH 3-port buggy engine. I’m quite keen to test and review that. Then, I’ll effectively have two 1/8 racing buggies from BSD Racing, one GP, one EP. In the same shipment, I’ll be receiving several sets of Flysky GT3B (I know…like finally). One’s mine, some will be for friend’s pre-orders, and the rest will be sold off online.

BSD Racing Front Suspension Post

These are the after-market aluminum alloy mods. Fits all 1/10 and 1/8 scale BSD Racing and several models on the Redcat Racing range. No kidding! Real collisions we’re talking about here. There were not staged, but they happened to be caught on camera- and produced for viewing by the cool folks at XXX Main.

I recently got on this flaming war on Youtube with this dipshit “PurePCMandess” – I think he probably meant “PurePCMadness” but the moron just couldn’t spell. So there he was commenting on a video I watched, telling the Youtuber that he’d have stepped on all those RC Trucks had he been at the BMX tracks they’ve been practicing on. Like another Youtuber,  ImOn20thstair, I thought his remarks were uncalled for and I can imagine BenHaro had no other place to bash and empathised with his frustration.

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

Bashing with Hpi Savage on Sh 28 Pro Spec,

So I happened to be googling randomly, and file I searched for some RC news to feature involving girls and rc cars, I came across the heading “Girl Hit By RC Car” on one of those rick-rolling spam, and found these videos on a later search. PurePCMandess is an avid BMX-er, so I told him, for all his remarks, he deserved experiencing this:

Girl OwNeD by RC TrUcK at BMX Track~ Kid Hit by RC Car


There was another video of similar nature, but not quite so funny if the man had not saved the little girl from the flying HPI Savage X.

Kid HIT by RC T-Maxx Monster Truck??? NiCe SaVe!

Go HPI Savage X 4.6!

– Julian Wong
for Thinking of putting your RC car away for a period of non-use? Be sure to expel any remnant fuel as un-combusted castor oil parts of fuel mixture can congeal and harden, and in some cases even “brick” your engine. If you’re wondering why your engine can be harder to start after a week or two of non-use, this is the reason why. While I do also have a video entitled “How to Save A Locked RC Buggy / Plane / Heli Engine?” which addresses how to fix that, you don’t want to get to that point unnecessarily.

In this video, I have a Kyosho Inferno running a Thunder Tiger Pro 21BR non-pull-start engine, BSD Racing glow-plug metered ignitor and using a Thunder Tiger hand-held starter.

Follow the instructions in the video, and also invest in some after-run engine oil, or “Marvel Mystery Oil”. Treat your nitro engine well, and it’ll serve you well for a long time to come.

Check out my blog for more tips and RC reviews.

– Julian Wong
for Heya… Just chillin’ here at Segar Road Offroad RC Track opposite my new apartment. Race training session got shortened by a burnt centre differential, so just made this vlog post to pass time and share with you on my good ol’ Kyosho Inferno DX, the progress on my revenge plans against the folks at Toykar Singapore Pte Ltd, and the course here for any racer / basher / enthusiast who’d like to know. Check out my blog at, just put a post up on chicks in RC, RC babes and girls with RC cars. Will soon be updating on the RCX 2011 which will be happening this month.

OMG! It’s only been a few years on from the time I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and it now seems that there is a “Ngee Ann Polytechnic Radio Control Club”! How cool is that! I first stumbled across that when Youtube surfing, and I came across this video:

And that’s not the only one… Even “CTV” or rather, Ngee Ann Poly’s “Campus TV” produced a capsule program on the activity. According to the video’s dialogue, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Radio Control Club even put up a booth at the school’s Co-Curricular Activities Fair. Darn… I’m jealous!

Cheesy shitty moronic music… as what was usual to CTV during my time taking my diploma in Mass Communications at the campus from 2001-2004.

Nonetheless, if you’re in Ngee Ann Polytechnic or keen to enrol there, you could get in touch with them via their blog:

Ngee Ann Radio Control Club

Ngee Ann Radio Control Club


Or this Facebook Page:

NPRCD (Ngee Ann Poly remote control Drifters)
NPRCD (Ngee Ann Poly remote control Drifters)!/group.php?gid=109514052420037 Here’s a fucked-up Adidas shoe getting repeated assaulted and violated by a 1/18 RC Monster Truck.

The Shoe: Adidas Barricade 6.0 – SUCKS to t MAXX! Expensive and gave me achy heels! I’ve had the Barricade II and IV- those were good. But this one is PURE GARBAGE that’s even worse than $40 Prince Tennis Shoes,

The Truck: Neither a Hot Bodies Minizilla 1/18, a Losi Mini-Lst Rammunition , nor a Duratrax Miniquake. Its a Twin-motor Masterpiece!

Truck Features: Full-time 4-wheel drive, Twin 280-sized High Torque Motors, 8 Independent Suspension Shocks, Rock Crawler 25A ESC with Fwd/Rev, Twin 7.2V 600mah NiCd Batteries, Top Speed of 35km/h, Running time of 15 minutes. Sure kicks every other 1/18 MT’s ass (except the brushless-modified mini monster trucks ones, of course).