Posts Tagged ‘rc blog’ Heya… Just chillin’ here at Segar Road Offroad RC Track opposite my new apartment. Race training session got shortened by a burnt centre differential, so just made this vlog post to pass time and share with you on my good ol’ Kyosho Inferno DX, the progress on my revenge plans against the folks at Toykar Singapore Pte Ltd, and the course here for any racer / basher / enthusiast who’d like to know. Check out my blog at, just put a post up on chicks in RC, RC babes and girls with RC cars. Will soon be updating on the RCX 2011 which will be happening this month.

Something less relevant to my RC blog at I was at my grandma’s to deliver some groceries and had a brief moment to jam on her piano. Here’s some bits from Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold played on chords. I might have transposed it for easy playing. Didn’t manage to complete the recording as I later realized a phone call came in and made it stop. Bugger. It’s been two weeks plus or three? – since I started this RC blog that is. Strangely I haven’t gotten winded about it, and in fact take more keen interest in posting regular updates on it. This site doesn’t make me money… if I put the same zest in updating my e-commerce sites, I’d be making lots of money online!