Archive for the ‘Electric Fly Swatter’ Category Ready for some fireworks? We took this video at night at a seafood restaurant by the beach. Watch as I zap out mosquitos with random swings of the electric fly swatter. The high voltage kills them on impact and send them falling to the ground… or the dining table if you’re unlucky with a draft of in-blowing wind.

RC Car Tips, Modifications and Reviews at my RC Blog… Are you sick of mozzies and flies bothering you while you eat or play? Introducing the High Voltage Electric Fly Swatter! I just got one of these as a gift from a wife’s friend who incidentally manufactures them. With an Electric Fly Swatter, having flying insects around now becomes a fun affair! Weighing the same as a tennis racquet, and a little more than a Nintendo Wii controller, now you can burn calories practice being Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, and swash-buckle bothersome insects at the same time!

In this video, I didn’t have the benefit of time to await flying ants or butterflies, so I found this fly on the ground, as well as a beetle. The beetle sure made some fireworks…

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